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These are the IC News reports for the Lake Charles, LA Accord Game.


With the recent news coming in the Mayoral Candidate Jason Todd has been arrested for the attempted murder of is opponent int he Local Mayoral Election. This comes at great shock to everyone involved. Be to be honest, who tries to assassinate someone over a city mayor job?

People are in morning over a fire originating form a the basement of the chase building this month. I man was arrested who was found to be lurking around the area. The suspect turned out to be innocent tough, as the fire turned out to be a gas leak.

Gang violence still erupts in North Lake Charles, but the police are claiming that thigns have calmed down.

This has been Lake Charles, best news source


The city has been filled with controversy this past month. As most of you know, there was an attempt on the mayoral candidate Johnathon Thibodeaux's life this month at the mayoral debate. The investigation is on going, but it was determined that the man that was kill by the would be assassin, was a stand in. The police claim they have arrested the man responsible, but have not released his identity.

There as been a bit of confusion in the press this month about the assassin. Local news sources Fox 29 and the American Press are reporting that the would be assassin has ties to the other mayoral candidate, Jason Todd, in that he was hired by him. Local news agency KPLC, however, is reporting that the other media stations are committing libel, that there are no ties to the mayoral candidate and the assassin. There has also been some reports on KPLC's website that the other news agencies are being manipulated by citizens of influence who support Mr. Thibodeaux and that they will be publishing only the truth that the citizens of the area need. The smaller news stations seem to be staying out of this conflict.

In other news, there have been rumors that L'auberge Du Lac is postponing a much need fumigation of the facility. L'auberge officials of gone on record that these statements where false and they are in complete compliance. In my opinion the fact that it was brought up is enough to facilitate a fumigation, that is just disgusting, what people do for money.

In Mardi Gras news, there is a new krewe in the Krewe of Krewes parade next Tuesday. This is the Krewe da Vérité. This church sponsered Krewe is the newest attention the the numerous Krewes in the city. We look forward to the festivities and remind people to remain responsible on the holidays.

This has been Lake Charles's best radio news station KPNY 102.3. Your most trusted news in the area.


Things are not looking up for our fair city. It seems like a mix up with a night shift construction crew and a Church has been destroyed. This was a sad turn of events.

In other Church related news, due to the spread of the video showing Sister Rayanne Fontenot participate in what seems like a Crusade against non-believers. Though she had a solid alibi she has confessed. This is the statement she released on her arrest.

"Those who do not accept the Truth should be cleansed from the world, and I am doing my best to rid the world of them, regardless of where they are hiding. This is so the wisdom of the Truth can spread with out the poison of non-believers."

The Church has released a statement claiming that her views to not represent the views of the Church as a whole.

In other news, businesses are returning to the city. A new Dojo is open and the bar Tolo's place is doing well.

The mayoral election is starting to heat up, and all but two candidates have dropped out of the race. A debate will be held on Saturday, February 1st at 8 P.M. The two candidates are Johnathon Thibodeaux and Jason Todd. This debate will be held at the City Council Chambers and it open to the public.

As far as the murder reports goes, there have been many dead bodies have shown up the weirdest of which was a body found at Holy Beach that was buried with a multiple leather chairs. He also seems like he was beat to death by a leather chair. If anyone has any information on any crimes in the city, to contact Crime Stoppers.

Lastly, due to the arrest of Sister Rayanne Fontenot, a new head of the Church of Ultimate Truth has taken over. His name is Elis Tortaloni.


This past month has been an interesting month for the city of Lake Charles. There seemed to be an accident concerning a film shoot. Apparently some new film maker was trying to shoot a Borat or Jackass style film but there was a complication and a gas leak occurred resulting in a fire. There were no fatalities in the fire, according to local police. The people at the party state that some people help them escape, claiming that there were two men telling them to leave, claiming there was a fire. The group that was filming on the site without a permit has since fled, local authorities request information on these people, as they are wanted for destruction of property.

Gang activity continues to be a problem int he city, as a man was shot in at Luna Live. Witnesses claim a man wearing a mask walked into the bar and shot the man in the head. Once police showed up on the scene there was no sign of the victim, but judging by the amount for blood and other witnesses. It seems that the man was killed and then disposed of by walking him from the bar a la the 1989 classic. If there is any information on this attack please contact the local police.

The was a freak fire the other day at a newly constructed Pharmaceutical R&D building the other day. There were no body in the building at the time, but the building was completely destroyed. The president of the company after a formal investigation stated that the fire was cause by a gas leak in the lab. The president also states they will no rebuilding. Its a shame, because it seemed as though they would bring new jobs to the newly impoverished city of Lake Charles, here's hoping they change their mind.

It seems as one serial killer stops, another rises. There have been a number of odd murders in the city that are not linked to the previous. The police will not give much information regarding these murders, but the do say that there seems no connection to the victims, but they are ritualistic in nature. The only other thing this news can report is that the killer has been nicknamed the Aztec Assassin. It is not known why.

The Church of Ultimate Truth has been quiet as of late. After a attempted breaking and entering this month, that the Church does not plan on pressing charges against the man, Anthony McDowl.

A new priest is making a name for himself at Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. Father Jake Foster is slowing becoming a favorite of all the Catholics of Lake Charles, as well as other priests. The Church of Ultimate Truth is not a fan of his though, claiming he is speaking slander against them. It is a shame they cannot get along, I hope the Father can strengthen his relationship to the Church of Ultimate Truth. They could be a very good team in helping the city.

A new underground magazine has hit the stands at local grocery stores. It is called "The Real Truth". It is a tabloid rag that claims all these odd things such as "Vampires", "Zombies", "Crazed Super powered Serial Killers", and "Other Monsters", have been fighting each other in "A Shadow War that threatens the lives of everyone in the city". How preposterous is that. I mean Vampires, a few loos women show up dead with puncture wounds and people scream vampires. People of Lake Charles, pay no mind this false "journalism".

This has been a Lake Charles news update, with your host, Ryan Jennings


The city of Lake Charles is slowly recuperating from the tragic events that have occurred over the past few months. The curfew has been lifted in a attempt to promote goodwill in the area, but there are very strict patrols in the city. This ranges from local police to state troopers. These patrols will pull over anyone deemed as suspicious. The police are instructed to use aggressive force if necessary.

Though the overall murder rate has gone down since last month, due to no riots. There have been a string of murders where the cause of death have been punctures to the Femoral Artery. The bodies have been dumped in various canals in the area. There have been 3 victims in the past month, all women between the ages of 23 and 26. The police have no comment.

There have been no riots in the past month, but tensions are high in the city. People are no longer saying high to each other as they walk by. Alcohol sales are up 10 fold, same for church attendance.

The following building have been either condemned of abandoned:

Stellar Beans Saint Louis High School (All students have been split between Barbe and LaGrange) Chuck E. Cheese's Episcopal Church of the Good Shepaerd Skate City (OOC: List continues with other names of homes and small businesses)

A new bar as been opened in the pace where Stellar Beans was, name Pure.

The Civic Center has been turned into a homeless shelter being run bay a co-sponsorship between First Baptist Church and The Church of Ultimate Truth. There are also promoting local businesses that have lost employees and are looking for new hires. A pharmaceutical company, Rate's Pharmaceuticals, is paying handsomely for volunteers to test their new anti-psychotic, they are also offering services as a psych ward, due to an influx individuals exhibiting mental heath issues. The cause of this is suspected to be stress and PTSD, due to the recent riots.

All these weird events over the past month have been explained recently now that local scientists have come together and researched the events. The rumors of monsters int eh the city have been all but dismissed, except those whose are exhibiting mental health issues.