Lana Klondike

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It stands for how much better we are than you

Sabbat PC

Player: Dee Livermore
Character: Lana Klondike
Clan: Lasombra
Position: Ductus
Domain: CSprings Sabbat
VST: VST Michael Tann

You arrive in the rising sun
The hidden passenger that I've been taking
Close your eyes, let's forget again
As you drag me down, I will take you in

What are you waiting for
Just surrender here tonight
What are you waiting for
As we go towards the light

When everything is said and done
Still looking for answers, if only one
Turn my back, the edge has gone
Left with no reason, we've come undone

-Pendulum, "The Island"

Character Information

"Ah, please excuse me but I must ask: Why are you talking to me, exactly?"

Sire: Long since lost in the mists of time
Childer: Jack Elwyn Giles
Grandchilder: Logan Kasamir Jones
Embrace:She does not say, only that she remembers a time before the Sabbat and the Ivory tower began their never-ending war. Perhaps even she does not remember anymore.
Residence: Colorado Springs, CO
Status: Initiated, Blessed(?)
Path of Enlightenment: Power and the Inner Voice
Notable Traits: Tall with long dark hair, she wears the very darkness she loves around her in oscillating tendrils.

Known to The Sword of Caine

Lana Klondike (very unlikely her real name) is the dark matron behind the pack known as The Ebon Tower ("Ah yes, my children thought it was very funny and clever, you mustn't tease them too much.") She is very protective of those in her pack and dotes on them, although she will not hesitate to discipline them harshly if they should step out of line. She sometimes disappears and reappears without any explanation, and finds the petty bickering of younger Cainites irritating and not worth her time. Although she can be distant, she has been loyal to the Sabbat since its very founding and takes great joy in toying with members of the Camarilla and their precious "humanity."


           unwanted            discarded      forgotten
heretic demon-child witch
accused disbelieved innocent
beaten tortured left to die
everything she touched crumbled to dust
everyone she loved left her
the only thing she had left was darkness and ruins
that night, she stopped fighting it
that night, she called for the darkness
and the darkness answered her


  • She seems to have no love for the religion itself, but Lana is very attached to Catholic churches, themes, art, and architecture. You may desecrate a place if needed... but she seems to get angry if such places are outright vandalized or destroyed.
  • Older than the Sabbat itself? Yeah right...
  • Has no love for many of the antitribu. Unless a particular clan has made a concerted, unified effort to destroy their antediluvian, what's to stop them from running crying back to their precious elders in the Ivory Tower if the Sabbat gets to be too much for them to handle?
  • Really hated the Gangrel at some point in her past, but at this point just seems to find them funny.
  • Is really, really racist. Just... Wow, yeah. Don't ask her opinion on anyone who's not caucasian.
  • She has never been seen without at least a few small tentacles floating around her, and tends to always have between two to six out at all times. Really, it would almost be distressing if she DIDN'T have them out.
  • What does she do with all those tentacles? *holds up Cards Against Humanity card* Exactly What You'd Expect.
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  • "Quote here." - Character Name Here
  • "That bird cannot keep her eyes in her fucking head. Every fucking time I turn around she is staring at my arse. Can't really blame her though." - Mickey Finn
  • "Lana? Sie war ein sehr fähiger Schüler von mir. Sie können verstehen, Dinge, die weniger cainites Konnte nicht möglicherweise ergründen." - Luther

OOC Information

This character is played by User:Rebecca D. US2013070058 who has no idea what the hell is going on, you guys.

The template for the background colors 'n pictures n' stuff was yoinked from Luthais Hamilton's page with permission, and then I added purple. Lots of purple.