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LVBNdot.pngDates: 9/24-9/27/2015
LVBNdot.pngLocation: Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada
LVBNdot.pngOfficial Website: Masquerade By Night


LVBNdot.pngMES Event Lead: Beth M.
LVBNdot.pngMES Event Second: Tommie Boatwright
LVBNdot.pngCharities: Erin Warren
LVBNdot.pngVolunteers: Shimon Klein
LVBNdot.pngVolunteer form
LVBNdot.pngIC Registration: Shayne Cooley
LVBNdot.pngMedia: Tristan Turner
LVBNdot.pngPrestige: Lior G.
LVBNdot.pngWiki: Kimberly D.

LVBNdot.pngMES ST Lead: Josh C.
LVBNdot.pngMES ST Second: Lesley Packel

Mind's Eye Society is proud to sponsor the following charitable causes through Las Vegas by Night. Please give as you feel moved, through the many opportunities that will be presented throughout the convention.

LVBNdot.pngThe Wounded Warrior Project
LVBNdot.pngThe MES Scholarship Fund

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