Las Vegas By Night Sabbat VSS

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Venue Style Sheet: Sabbat

Event Name: Las Vegas by Night

I. Administrative Information

A. Lead Storyteller: Jon Grimmer, US2006017146 (

B. Storyteller Second: Christopher Foster, US2002034558 (

II. Styles of Play

Action (Combat and challenges): 4

Character Development (Personal dilemmas and choices): 2

Darkness (PC Corruption): 2

Death (PC Death): 3

Drama (Ceremony and grand story): 4

Intrigue (Politics and negotiation): 3

Manners (Social etiquette and peer pressure): 3

Mystery (Enigmas and investigation): 3


1 = Never Present

2 = Sometimes Present

3 = Often Present

4 = Usually Present

5 = Always Present

III. Setting

The Sabbat gather in Las Vegas looking to have some fun, handle some ritae, plan for the future of the war effort and to spoil the negotiations between the Camarilla and the Independent Alliance. Through this there will be plenty of time to handle personal issues as much as take direct conflict to the enemy if they choose.

IV. Theme

There will be emphasis placed how the Sword of Caine plans for each phase of the war. From the ritae that binds them all to the scouting and infiltration to the actual acts of violence and all of the details in between. Mixed in with all of that is how a sect that is much more free and open regards a city where the mortal population is also much more open to the darker aspects of life.

V. Mood

The mood will focus on a mixture of the raucous party before battle, the violence and destruction of war, the potential for the liveliness of a victory party and/or the panic of broken ranks, and the awe of the grand narrative that the Sword of Caine has to play out in this world.

Appendix A - Blood and Willpower

All characters are assumed to begin at full blood prior to any nightly powers requiring the expenditure of blood.

If you are down willpower for any reason coming into the event you are required to note that on your character sheet for check in.

Appendix B - Out of Body Powers

If utilizing a power which will remove your character from their body you must inform a Storyteller as to where you are leaving your body and what power you are using to leave your body. Storytellers will record that information and upon returning to your body you will inform a Storyteller.