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Shadow Name: Last Man Standing
Sleeper Alias: John Stewart
Path: Obrimos

Active Duty
Consillium: Phoenix, AZ
Position: Sentinel
Order: Adamantine Arrow
Faction: The Crucible



Last is a tall man, 6'5," who looks like he might have been in the Navy Seals at some point in his life. He sports short dark brown hair, bright blue eyes, and is haunted by a brassy perpetual five o'clock shadow. He is usually dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, capped by a Rogue Nation baseball hat. Overall, he wouldn't be too terribly out of place aside from his height if not for his Scottish accent. Last is known for being blunt and direct, which often makes him come off as quite the arse, but if you give him a chance, you might find something a little different than expected.


Last's nimbus starts as a sound; the soft snapping of static electricity on fabric. As the power in his spells grows, so too does the nimbus that crackles around him. At its height, Last Man Standing looks almost as though he's standing in his own personal lightning storm.

Mates, Chums, and Blue Pencils

Been Foxed, Yeah?

  • He was called "Last Man Standing" long before he Awoke.
  • John Stewart is the name of the last man he assassinated.

Pukka Gen

  • (Quotes)
  • "I don't like you. This conversation is over."


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Player: Iria Sokoll

MES#: US2006027408

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Awakening PC

Player: Iria
Path: Obrimos
Order: Adamantine Arrow ••
Legacy: None
Position: Sentinel
Consilium: Phoenix, AZ
City: Phoenix, AZ
Cabal: None
VST: Kevin