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Apocalypse PC

Player: Andy B.
Glory: ••••• ••
Honor: •••
Wisdom: ••
Storyteller: Laura D.


Name: Last Call

Breed: Homid

Auspice: Ragabash

Tribe: Fianna

Rank: Fostern

Title or Position: Eldest Ragabash

Pack: Excelsior

Sept:Sept of the Eagle's Talons

Territory: Warren Woods in Ashland, Massachusetts



Homid: Last Call is a typical guy in his late 20's Brown Hair, Green eyes. He always seems to have a mischievous smirk on his face and no end to either James Storm or Stone Cold T Shirts. He considers them kind of a joke because he knows what his tribe is known for. He also always seems to have a hip flask, or 4 on him. He now has a nice new scar across his face. He calls it his Tyrion Lannister scar, since its looks pretty similar.

Wolf/Hispo: In wolf form his natural red highlights show through. He looks almost like Red XII from Final fantasy. A Large Red wolf with black markings.

Crinos: Red and Black markings almost stereotypical Fianna. He is a slight bit thinner than the Average Garou.


He is a natural jokester, always a smart ass but in a good way. He seems to always know what is going on without never actually being around. He tends to be a ninja when he needs to be.


Last Call gets his name from his Uncle Bruce. Uncle Bruce was the Original Last Call. He gained the name when one night at the Black Wolf in Faniuel Hall in Boston(the Premier drinking establishment for wolves in Boston) he called Last call and a Formori decided to bust in and try to destroy the bar. This was his first change at 19 (Okay it was a bar, and he wasnt of age, you prove this!) Smashing the Fomori through the wall and gaining his name all in the process.

Watched over by Andor, Jaggling avatar of Eagle.
Our 5 year and beyond mission, seek out new umbral realms, defend Eagle's Talon's, and to boldly kick butt like never before!


Said of Him

  • "I have no idea what he's talking about most of the time. Truly, no idea. At first I honestly dismissed him, but I have seen what he is capable of, and I know now that that was a mistake. I am not sure if it is a planned obfuscation or just the way he is, but he gets things done, and pours a mean drink. We need both." - Nantan Shadow Seeker

Personal Thoughts

Never KS from a Get, you may not live to see the next day.... It is funny though.


  • He has his Uncle's great klaive hidden somewhere.
  • He has a zen garden on the roof of his bar. It helps to counter weaver spirits.
  • He actually is just pretending to be drunk, and hasn't really had a sip of liquor in his life. All that beer? Non-alcoholic.

Artemis Kokkinos - Quills is awesome, Never call her Arty though...
Ella Ashcoat - Okay, Ragabash are good at not making sense, she WINS not making sense sometimes :)
Jason "Shoots for the Stars" McMahon - Yeah I can't say much more about Jason than he is a cool guy


  • Working on this.



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Player Information

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