Laughing Jack

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Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: [[:Category:|]]
City: Toronto, ON
Player: Mark Mielewczyk
Storyteller: TBD

Name: Laughing Jack

Aliases: Unknown

Clan: Malkavian
Clan Faction: Hatters
Sect: Anarch

Sire: Qetsiyah (?)
Generation: Eighth (?)

Born: Unknown
Embraced: Unknown. His first appearance in Kindred society came sometime in the 1950s.

Notable Traits: Personal Masquerade


Abiding Status:
Fleeting Status:

Character Description

Laughing Jack appears to be in his late 20s or early 30s, with an average build, unkempt hair and bright blue eyes. His wardrobe varies and depends on his mood on any given night. He tends to wear darker outfits or suits with bright or clashing colours.


* 1954-1955 - Laughing Jack's first sighting in Oakridge, Tennessee, where he meets Qetsiyah.
* 1990 - Encounters and embraces Kris Williams in Oakridge, Tennessee after an "unfortunate encounter" for her.

Who is Laughing Jack?


Who is the Real Laughing Jack? (What Clan Malkavian Knows?)


Grandsire: The Black Hag ?? (Seriously?? What's a The Black Hag???!!!!!


Sire: Qetsiyah??? (I think "Mommy" doesn't like to admit it!! Hee hee!!!)

Siblings: Ockham ?? (Does he make or sell razors?! I rather like razors!!)

Childer: Kris Williams

Friends(?) & Playmates




From The Mouth of Madness


A Few Kind (?) Words About Laughing Jack


* "I know he loves me, that's what scares me." - Kris Williams

A Little Birdie Told Me ... (Rumours)


*Lullabies will actually soothe this savage beast

Music: The Window to the Soul


* Hybrid Stigmata - Dimmu Borgir
* Where Is My Mind?
* Quiet Slumber
* Prelude to a Nightmare - Kiddie Land
* Pan's Labyrinth Lullaby (Music Box)
* Slender Man
* Lilium - Elfen Lied
* Trust Me - The Devil's Carnival

Character Inspirations & Inspirational Quotes

* The Joker - The Dark Knight ("Some men just want to watch the world burn")
* Tyler Durden - Fight Club

OOC Information

Player: Mark Mielewczyk

CaM Number: CA200403015

Location: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada