Lauren Adams

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"The Wise are Instructed by reason, Average minds by experience, the stupid by necessity, and the brute by Instinct" - Marcus Tullius Cicero

Lauren Adams

Domain: Puerto Rico

Character Information
Auspice: None
Tribe: Fire-Touched
Renown: ••••
Wisdom ••
City: Puerto Rico
Pack: None
Player: Allison Pell
Storyteller: Virtual Forsaken VST

Notable Traits

5'6" tall, she's a strikingly beautiful long haired blonde woman with piercing blue eyes. If she lost a couple pounds (and only a couple) she could easily be a model. There is a burn mark on her right shoulderblade, where a tattoo once was. Newly joining that marking, are a series of ritual looking scars down her arms, those knowledgeable about the Pure will recognise the patterning. In wolf form and in Gauru, she has plain grey fur, with little patterning.

Lauren-greywolf.jpgTribe pure fire touched.png

  • Striking Looks 4
  • Often dressed in casual looks that usually have a lot of the visiting tourist about them
  • Regularly keeps quiet, speaking up only when she has something to say.

Commonly Known

Real Name: Lauren Adams

Alias  :

Auspice: Former Elodoth, now Pure

Tribe: Fire Touched

Deed Names: Ardent Blaze - Brings Together


Age: 19


  • Glory 1 for facing a group of Beshilu as a new change.
  • Wisdom 1 (Free/First change)
  • Wisdom 2 Working with Urdaga for the benefit of all, despite mistrust and abuse
  • Purity 1 (Free/First change)


  • Her first act after her change was to go have a private meeting with a Firetouched... What the actual fuck was that about? She thinking of joining them?

Feel free to add your own.


  • "I am seriously considering joining up with the first tribe that says vomiting magnetic letters on a fridge is not a great way to name things."
  • "Two sides to a coin? You haven't been looking close enough."
  • "First time I heard of her she sounded like me. After the warning I had to help her to not go through my experiences. Hope it works". Chelsea Dianna Winters

Pack: None


Theme songs and inspirations

OOC Information

Player: Allison Pell

MES Number: WT2016030002

Location: UK Based

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