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Lavender in fancy dress

Lavenders Library

Lavenders Chateau

Public Knowledge


Character Description

(Striking Looks 2) Young girl in her late 20's, attempts to dress nicely yet sometimes can be found around garden centers in well used gardening clothes. She always smells of freshly cut grass and softly of Lavender, thus her namesake.


It is rumored that she was raised as a well traveled child in a local silver ladder family. After her parents passed away she was very rarely seen to the point that most locals have forgotten about her existence.

What is more widely known is that as a young child she had an obsession with speaking to plants and a good understanding of herbology. Rumors are that she was so grief stricken by the loss of her parents she shut herself away somewhere in France to continue to study alone.

Known to Awakened Society

Birth Name: unknown
Shadow Name: Lavender, the herbalist
Sleeper Alias: Lavender Garenoir
Mastery: Life
Order undecided
Path: Thyrsus
Concillium Provence
City Avignon


Near translucent ivy vines wrap around whomever is around with a highly sensual and vibrantly intense stroke across the skin

Friends and Enemies

  • Unknown


  • Her membership to the local consilium is by the providence of her late parents, not maintained by her presence in some time.
  • She is located somewhere near Camargue

OOC Information

  • I've made this character at the end of the chronicle so i've had to find a way to weave her into the game that makes some sort of sense. The consilium status is contestable and written on the sheet at only status 1.


  • Ties are welcome, send an email over to me!

Player Details

Tiffany Sanderson
WTG US2006027399
Trade Winds Domain

Awakening PC

Player: Tiffany Sanderson
Path: Thyrsus
Order: None
Legacy: Unknown
Position: {{{position}}}
Consilium: Provence
City: Avignon
Cabal: Unknown
VST: Hilary Sklar