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Character Information (rumored dead)

Character Information
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
City: Miami, FL
Player: Lior
Storyteller: Eddy

Name: Lazaro
Clan: Tremere

Information Known by Kindred Society

  •  ? - Embraced
  • 1600's - Between France and Italy
  • 1775-95 - Traveled to Esztergom, Hungary to visit Rand Ryan
  • 1850's - "worked" on the medical field with Vittoria Boeotarch
  • 1875 - Assisted Zahra Blanc and those of Avignon with the retaking of the city for the Camarilla.
  • 1880 - Relocated to now known as Broward, Florida with Claude Pelletier. No other known kindred was in the city. Independent city.
  • 1890 - First encounter with Elder Brujah Elija in Broward. Some animosity takes place and Elija leaves.
  • 1895 - Elder Brujah Elija return and another "fight" is had. This time the Elders agree to share the city.
  • 1914 - Elder Alaric travels to Broward and claims Praxys. Broward is now a Camarilla city.
  • 1915-20 - The city starts to grow and more kindred arrive. After the kindred population requires it, negotiations are made and Lazaro is made Senechal.
  • 1940 - First known time to leave South Florida since arrived. Rumor to have traveled to Atlanta
  • 1950 - Returns to France for a short period of time.
  • 1955 - arguments were had with Elder Brujah Elija over unknown attacks.
  • 1956 - Elder Ren, a Camarilla-loyal Samedi, gets involved and assist on the dispute, finding the Giovanni are the cause of the attacks.
  • 1970's - A battle with the Sabbat takes place. Tony DiCosta is hired to assist on the fight.
  • 1990's - Oliver Snow and Robert Halloran were in the city.
  • 2013 - Started to travel again. Has visited several courts including: Atlanta, Brevard, Chattanooga, San Juan, and others.
  • 2014 - Broward and Miami become one praxys under Elder Prince Alaric. Lazaro steps down as Senechal and becomes Primogen.
  • 2014 - Attended the Waterloo, TX Conclave
  • 2014 - Attack on Miami Chantry - dead ?


  • is a Necromancer
  • is a Luminary Elder, a lot older than many think, his older name forgotten.
  • has friends within the Anarchs and Independents
  • is very influential within his clan across North America
  • he is allies with ALL the Samedi Clan
  • he has allies with some Nagaraja
  • he died because of the Nagaraja
  • he died due to a Sabbat attack of 3 eye freaks
  • he is not dead
  • He is a zombie
  • He keeps a Journal of forbidden heretic lore; including Enoch, Augustus, the Sabbat, Infernals, internal Camarilla treachery, and how they all connect.


  • "I found Lazaro to be most interested in philosophical discourse, and the many ramifications toward which a single topic may lead."Eileen Vargas
  • "Far too often have I encountered kindred who, almost gleefully, brush off the words and warnings by members of Clan Malkavian as nothing but lunatic ravings or random, nonsensical musings. Mr. Lazaro is not among them and has benefited as such."Edward James Crowe, MD
  • "Elder Lazaro is a master of politicking within the Camarilla. It's an honor to be able to, occasionally, watch him in action. I hope that I can be half the Kindred he is at some point. If I live that long."Isabella Marie
  • "Of the many Tremere I have met throughout the centuries, Lazaro is one of few who remain interesting. We have had our disagreements over academic points, but not too many, and in those points we differ on, his points are well founded and difficult to refute."Edward Salazar
  • "Lazaro? He is always so busy running from one meeting to another. Since arriving in the Domain of Miami he and I have had very few opportunities to speak outside of a Primogen Counsel meeting... but when we have I have found him to be intriguing. In many ways we are more alike then I first thought which is probably why I so enjoy the rare occasions of his company."Maximillion Ulrich Von Bek, Primogen of Clan Ventrue and Keeper of Elysium, the Domain of South Florida
  • " Now I not be the best to speak so well, but I know this, Lazaro, He was someone that the Zombies could trust. didn't spit on us for having a bit of the missing face. Helped us along and by right we help back. Sides, he put up with me and Willie for a few nights. Was so much fun" - Papa Richard Aquitaine
  • "Your quote here."Character Name