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In the dead of night she came to him
With darkness in her eyes
Wearing a mourning gown
Sweet words as her disguise
-Poets of the Fall, the Poet and the Muse


LeaSkull.png The insanity is an act. She's got herself together as well as any elder Malkavian.
LeaSkull.png She's really a Toreador who's crazy enough to think she's a Malk.
LeaSkull.png She spent an awful lot of time in NYC when the Sabbat were dominant without much contact with other Anarchs or Cammies.
LeaSkull.png She got hazed into the Movement by mouthing off to an entire Camarilla court, then declaring she was joining the Anarchs, and left the city.
LeaSkull.png The only reason she's still an Anarch is due to the battle of wills between herself and her Great-Grandsire, who insists that it's time to grow up.
LeaSkull.png She has the ability to expand one’s consciousness; but similar to dropping acid it should be done cautiously and only among one’s closest friends.
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LeaSkull.png "I enjoy living in Camarilla held cities. It makes me feel less old."
LeaSkull.png "Some of us, when we die, don't come back all the same. We see the end of the world, over and over again, and it's something we have do deal with. There is nothing your "psychology" can do to help me."

LeaSkull.png "You're certain I can't tempt you to dance?" – Wohl
LeaSkull.png "Lea is one of the more savvy kindred I have had the privilege to work with. Resourceful, loyal, and knowledgeable about an array of topics and situations that has stood our people in good stead. Does she know more than she lets on? Without a doubt. Which I am sure is in part why she has survived when less capable would have perished from ineptitude." -Malcolm Donovan
LeaSkull.png "Ms. Winters? I feel there are certain answers she wants. However, she will have to look elsewhere for discontent." -Isaac Brasher
LeaSkull.png "48 6f 77 20 64 6f 20 49 20 64 65 73 63 72 69 62 65 20 68 65 72 3f 20 53 68 65 20 69 73 20 6d 79 20 4d 6f 74 68 65 72 2e 20 54 68 65 72 65 20 72 65 61 6c 6c 79 20 69 73 20 6e 6f 20 6f 74 68 65 72 20 64 65 73 63 72 69 70 74 69 6f 6e 20 6e 65 63 65 73 73 61 72 79 2e 20 4f 74 68 65 72 20 74 68 61 6e 20 74 6f 20 70 65 72 68 61 70 73 20 73 61 79 20 74 68 61 74 20 73 68 65 20 6b 65 65 70 73 20 6d 65 20 61 6e 63 68 6f 72 65 64 20 74 6f 20 74 68 65 20 6d 65 61 74 20 77 6f 72 6c 64 2e" - Finn Winters

LeaSkull.png "Finn, dear one, I don't speak numbers. Use English."
LeaSkull.png "I know, right? I had the same problem." -Malcolm Donovan
LeaSkull.png "It's very sweet! He writes 'How do I describe her? She is my Mother. There really is no other description necessary. Other than to perhaps say that she keeps me anchored to the meat world.' See! Very sweet." - Toby Dior

LeaSkull.png "I see you, Lea Winters. I see that hand of yours inside that sock puppet, and it makes me laugh where otherwise I would destroy" - Toby Dior, Master Harpy of New York
LeaSkull.png "A brilliant scholar and excellent conversationalist, Lea has a deep understanding of why we do what we do." - "Doc" Connor
LeaSkull.png "Though she was not in the middle of the battle her presence and assistance was paramount to the success we had against the Sabbat in Charm City." - Legend
LeaSkull.png "Leave a quote!" - Name

Lea Winters

Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Anarch
Status: Committed
Generation: 10th
Domain: Boston, MA
Player: KP
VST: Tim C.

Player: KP

MES Number: US2014020102

Location: Boston MA

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