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Awakening PC

Player: Kevin Hislop
Path: Acanthus
Order: Adamantine Arrow ••
Legacy: The Awakening Gambit (Pending)
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Consilium: Nonesuch
City: Puerto Rico
VST: Bonnie Day

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Birth Name: hahahah...Yeah right....

Shadow Name: Leo

Sleeper Alias: James Johnson


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  • Steven Fox - Tekken
  • Squall Lionheart - Final Fantasy
  • Houdini
  • Chriss Angel

Character Description

Leo stands slightly over 6' tall, with brownish blond hair, cut short in the back, a little longer on top. It tends to fall into his eyes at points, but he does not seem to notice. Leo is a boxer, and it is fairly evident in the way that he moves that he keeps himself in high physical condition. He's athletic, but not overly muscled, which are usually hidden by a red/black long sleeve hoodie, which he wears on top of black tank tops and a pair of jeans. On his feet he wears either a pair of black Nike sports shoes or a black pair of Doc Martin boots. In the rare case that people see him out side of his hoodie, his left arm is covered in tribal style tattoos that wrap around a stylized lion's head on his forearm.


  • First, he appears to be surrounded by will-o-wisps, that move and circle around his body...
  • Leo's Nimbus appears as golden ghostly armor that starts to cover him the more magic he casts, the wisps almost appearing to be equipping it.
  • Finally, When he gets a large amount of magic, a golden mask seems to fall over his face much like the rest of the armor, appearing in the shape of a lion's face

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