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== Information Known by Kindred Society ==

Name: Leonardo Finch-Fournier

Nicknames: Mr. Holmes (from Anna Russell), Adventure Leon (from unknown) Leo, Barnes-y, Eastwood, Birdman, Finch-a-roo and Mr. Barnes

Clan: Brujah

Sect: Camarilla

Generation: Neonate

Positions: Deputy

Leon grew up in King's County and remained there during being a ghoul, his embrace and a small amount of time after that. Due to unknown reasons, he joined the Domain of San Francisco at some point in 2013. In 2014, he was added into the Sheriff at the times' 'Security Group' and served at his side as Deputy. After the death of Prince Helena Martell and the appointment of Benedict Verren as Prince, Finch was given the Office of Sheriff. Some time later, he was adopted by the Queen of Boston, Constance Fournier.

In the later months of 2016, Leon has stepped down from the position of Sheriff and instead has stepped back into the previous role of Deputy to the old Sheriff, Jack "JD" Duke. People who have known Leon before 2016 have also noticed his growth in Humanity. Between his Aura reading as a human, his heartbeat and his maximum dedication to Humanity, it could be hard to know why he was even given the Office of Sheriff in the first place.

Status: 5

  • Acknowledged, from the Camarilla.
  • Courageous, Archon June of Clan Malkavian.
  • Loyal, from Archon David Daniel Steiner of Clan Tremere.
  • Favored, from Stoneking, Servire to Archon Nenette.
  • Favored, from Mors, previous Myrmidon of Clan Nosferatu.
  • Courteous, from Arden, Harpy to San Francisco.


  • He's been seen using two different forms of shooting styles (standard underhand and Center Axis Relock) and has used Krav Maga, Savate, Jujutsu, Defendu and MCMAP with great success in addition to sword, knife and baton fighting techniques.
  • He isn't a half bad medic for mortal injuries when the time needs it.
  • He's an expert investigator who allegedly helped put away a Jack the Ripper copycat killer while the authorities were unable to find any leads.
  • While being an excellent fighter, he's also fantastic with diplomacy. He's talked down Werewolves from a war and publicly helped a Prince to guard his Humanity and resist the urge to frenzy.

== Timeline ==

1880s -- Born in King's County, Georgia.

1895 -- Meets Andrew Barnes after a saloon brawl and begins to join him at gatherings across the world.

1897 -- Meets Constantine the Purple and travels with him to Sweden to find an ancient Norse necklace as part of a 'quest'. Leon says that he was paid "roughly what a Dungeons and Dragons character is paid after killing the dragon" after helping him find and get the necklace. The two are later spotted in 1910 in Northern Scotland.

1902 -- Leon is acquired by Anna Russell and is seen working for her numerous times.

1910 -- Leon is returned to Andrew Barnes.

1939-1948 -- Leon is seen in Nazi Germany alongside a Toreador named Kayla Marshall. The two are not-so-publicly rumored to have been saboteurs, having killed various Nazis, destroying shipments of equipment and supplies and even being involved in killing some of Hitler's strongest soldiers.

1973 -- Leon's sire, Andrew Barnes, marries Madeline Sloane, a fellow Brujah member and the two begin to raise Leon as their child.

1984 -- Barnes and Leon are seen around the UK, specifically in Birmingham and London, hanging around multiple Brujah and Toreador. There are rumors that Leon and a neonate Toreador begin a casual relationship, which the two never confirm or deny.

1985 -- After a visit to San Francisco, Leon is not seen at Barnes' side for 2 years. Whenever asked, Barnes avoided the topic. Eventually, Leon returned to Barnes' side with no explanation as to why he was gone.

1999 -- Barnes, Leon and Maddie are spotted in London, hunting down the Sabbat alongside various Toreador, Gangrel and Nosferatu.

2009 -- Leon is Embraced and stays in King's County for 5 years, serving as a Deputy.

Can be frequently found in the company of Anna Russell

2014 -- Leon moves to San Francisco.

2015 -- Leon is made the Sheriff of San Francisco.

Leon's sire, Andrew Barnes, is killed.

2016 -- Leon is adopted by the Queen of Boston, Constance Fournier.

Leon steps down as Sheriff of San Francisco.

== Lineage ==

Sire (actual): Andrew Barnes (NPC)

Sire (adoptive): Constance Fournier, Queen of Boston

Grandsire (adopted into): Lord Jurgen

Great-grandsire (adopted into): Hardestadt

== Allies ==

Kylie Landry, deceased.

Constance Fournier

Anna Russell

Ollie Ellsworth

Isabelle Monroe

Catherine Pershing, deceased.


Angelique DuMont, deceased.

Constantine the Purple

Jack "JD" Duke

Danielle Ropchan

Kasserine Powell



Jedidiah Strum

Serena Montgomery

== Quotes ==

  • "I'm curious to see what people think about me." -With love from...
  • "Solid gunslinger with a mean right hook. My jaw knows that from experience." Jack "JD" Duke
  • "Leon is intelligent and good at uniting people. However, he is also timid, naive, and easily manipulated. That he acknowledges these faults is a good first step, but putting him in the position of Sheriff during a time of cold war against the Lupines was, in my opinion, premature. I hope he can fulfill his enormous potential before his inexperience endangers us." Mors
  • "Let it be known that Leon Finch has earned my *Favor* tonight, for his outstanding leadership. Any who would speak against him also speak against me." Mors, several months later, after a battle against the Sabbat.
  • "He is a rare and interesting thing; a kindred who can smile in the face of trouble, who can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. He is not in the business of backing down when faced with difficulties. Instead he remains steadfast; his heart is firm, his conscience approves his conduct. Leon is a kindred who will pursue his principles unto death." Anna Russell
  • "When I was a blood doll, Leon was the first and one of the very few that looked at me as anything other than a steak/juicebox hybrid. He is aggressively kind to anyone, regardless of status, and on top of that he is loyal and dependable. Kinda like a puppy with a ridiculous gun collection." Kylie Landry
  • my m8 leon is the kind of guy u read about in comic books, not that i read much u understand. he's a light in the dark. he's moral and brave and tough. and it rubs off on the other kindred that are around him, too. thing is though, right? being a hero guarantees a lot of pain. u can't save every1, yeah?" Ollie Ellsworth
  • Monsieur Leon? He is quite the dashing gentleman. A skilled marksman, great confidante, and quite perceptive. Why he can be a part of my entourage anytime.' Angelique DuMont
  • "Anyone who has worked with him knows of his courage, his loyalty, and his skill - all fine qualities of a fine man. What makes him truly larger than life, though, is the heart that drives him. When he speaks, you believe. That's a rare gift." Isabelle Monroe
  • "He's the first vampire who ever introduced himself to me as a fucking feminist. What? That's a thing now? I fucking love my other neonates." Kasserine Powell
  • "I've spent a sum total of five minutes speaking with Leon, and I'm already intrigued. A most interesting Brujah." Thea Mallory
  • "He's stubborn in that endearing way Brujah are in that he utterly refuses to give up on anyone - even when they have given up on themselves." - Catherine Pershing
  • "I was totally not expecting Leon, but he absolutely made my night. It's two months too early for Christmas but I got a present anyway." - Emma Klein
  • "Leon is a finely tempered steel, the perfect mix of alloys and courage. He is beautifully sharp, and with great care, will remain formidable as time moves forward." - Danielle Ropchan
  • "Ten years later and he still hasn't given Dresden his shit back." - Valerie
  • "Leon is my most valued business partner. He doesn't ask silly questions. He gets things done." - Valerie
  • "I give the young Leon no regard in matters of prudence, and all regard in matters of courage. Say what you will about the unpolished nature of neonates today, or the Brujah; it takes bravery in surfeit to engage enemies of the Camarilla on the field, and even more to engage them within one's own clan." - Arden
  • "I did a terrible thing to Leon, and he greeted it with resounding enthusiasm. I look forward to seeing how he grows into what I've done to him... and whether eventually, he'll both realize it, and forgive me. Contrary to my own nature, I find myself hoping for all of the above." - Benedict Verren
  • "Leon's enthusiasm and zeal are quite captivating. I have had the opportunity to test him, without his knowing, and he did not disappoint. His integrity and determined sense of purpose and resolve are quite admirable. I look forward to getting to know him more intimately." - Aurélie Céleste Fortescue
  • "I heard a murmur about that dear boy. I heard a rumor that the Brujah would rush to his aide to contest the praxis of San Francisco if he gave the word. When Benedict made his claim and I stood there though, nothing escaped his lips. A remarkable, wondrously bright boy, he. I want to know him all the better for it." - Rafael Hernandez
  • "Mr. Finch. Yes, I remember him. Who could forget? He withered under a glance, but still held his ground. It is rare to have such trepidation and such strength in equal doses. I will be watching him." - Costanza Rodriguez
  • "You, Leonardo Finch, have a certain essence inside of you that invokes hope, faith, trust, and resilience. I saw that in you in the first few times that I met you. That is more powerful than magic, strength, or anything presence can do; that makes even the oldest kindred afraid, and that my dear is why your the exception. You are the wild card in the deck, you are the shooting star, you are the four leaf clover, and you are the black Raven flying in the moonlit sky. Unpredictable, full of hope, full of luck, and dangerous all in one. You must see this in yourself as I and others see this in you. Destiny has placed you in this position in our world for a reason." [Unknown]
  • "I wonder what his deep and dark desires are. I also wonder if his shining radiating beacon of light covers those desires. Fear not little Leon...I shall find them." - Constance Fournier
  • "luv this guy. he's the literal best. best li'l brujah of them all." - Ollie Ellsworth
  • "fuck this guy. he's the literal worst. prick." - Ollie Ellsworth
  • "Mr. Finch is easily competent, quiet, yet professional. In essence, he's the calmest Brujah I've ever met, certainly an oddity. Or perhaps, every other Brujah I've met is doing it wrong. Either way, I look forward to the next excursion that he's involved in." - Benedict Crane
  • "Mans hell of a leader and strategist, fighting skills not too sure didn't get to see him in battle but if it matches his leading skills it's going to be good." - Vincent Turele Giovanni
  • "The office of Sheriff demands quite a bit of a fella. His noggin, his heart, his fists--sometimes quite literally. If you're not careful, there isn't much left over for basic human decency. I am confident Sheriff Finch has enough in reserve to retain a pure, upstart spark of humanity for a good long while. Oh, and if he really does have a signed Captain America shield...let him know I'd like to see it. For...reasons." - Roger Bennington
  • "Fuck... Leon, man. Like, I don't even know where to start. Kindred shouldn't be that good. Kindred are assholes and liars and just... I dunno, fucking jerks. And he comes along and makes me question everything I've learned in my meager few years as a vampire. And that's fucking dangerous." - Leah
  • "I guess he knows where to put the proper people in the proper place. I look forward to him putting me a position I can punch Sabbat again in the future." Danny McManus
  • "The Sheriff is a credit to the Boy Scouts of America. No fun at all." - Darren Kennedy
  • "I wasn't so sure helping with security for a Camarilla event, I'm used to officers of the tower treating me like cannon fodder. But He's so nice! I would totally help him out again."Evaki
  • "I admit...I don't get his popularity. I mean--everyone loves him. Don't get me wrong, he is a nice guy...almost too nice. That is unsettling on its own. But dude is like team mascot for the Camarilla"Roxie Ocho
  • "The man knows how to delegate. Knows how to get people to follow him. I feel like this young man has much to teach to the old school." - Legend
  • "He must be running from something to be so aggressively enthusiastic and optimistic, either on his own or with help. If that's what he needs to function, I won't judge him for it. But it would be unwise to assume he is blinding himself to bleaker realities to do it. Either way, he makes a fantastic mai tai, if that's what you're into." - Scarlett Thorne
  • "Oh Leon, we've been close, we've been distant. He's one of those that I can always count on and is not always what he seems." Serena Montgomery
  • "He is terribly..... enthusiastic, is he not? Will that cease at some point?" - Antonia Orsini
  • "Nessuno di noi trovare il più felicità in questa vita come dovremmo. Cioè fino a quando ci guardiamo negli occhi di Leon ... o sentire il calore della sua pelle . Egli è necessaria in un mondo di morte e distruzione." - Donna Valentina Giovanni
  • "I appreciate his unending desire to help, but I can't help but wonder what it is that drives him to keep himself busy." - Lexi von Jaeger
  • "I feel a little guilty for picking on the guy. I don't know, but something about him just reminded me of someone I used to know and... well, old habits die hard." - Harper Gray
  • "At first I thought it must be an act, but no he truely is that upbeat and helpful. I do hope it doesn't get him killed." - Amos Locke
  • "I hate many young Brujah, they are impudent rabble who defile the name of a proud clan of Warrior-Scholars. This one? I like him." - Elder Wozjak

== Rumors ==

  • Leon Finch is the Archbishop of the San Francisco Diocese for the Sabbat. Who better to infiltrate the Camarilla than a vampire the likes of him? No one would ever suspect him. He is a true disciple. Praise Caine!
  • He is a vigilante. He models his brazen crime fighting style after Batman and quite possibly believes in Harvey Dent.
  • He was originally a Ventrue ghoul owned by Anna Russell. He however didn't live up to expectations and was given away to a Brujah.
  • Reportedly staked himself infront of Sheriff Alister MacArthur in order to resist frenzy.
  • One of his biggest idols is Julie D'Aubigny.
  • He once tortured a man in Ho Chi Minh City for the hell of it.
  • He's being hunted down by Goodman Goring and his entire gamble for some reason.
  • On police record, a wanted criminal, Leonardo "Leon" Finch is really Britt Reid, owner/publisher of The Daily Sentinel. His dual identity known only to his secretary and to the District Attorney. And now, to protect the rights and lives of decent citizens rides the Leonardo "Leon" Finch!
  • Leon can fit 4 pool balls in his mouth at once. He can not, however, get them back out.
  • He owns like 7 cats. Seriously there are a lot of them.
  • Him and Anna Russell had a long and complicated friends with benefits situation. How does a sexist as all hell ghoul end up banging a soon-to-be Seneschal?
  • He really hates cops. Like, really hates them. He gunned down more than ten once. They were unarmed, too.
  • He owns one of the Captain America prop shields -- signed by Chris Evans, too!
  • Has a confusing crush on a red mohawk wearing clans mate
  • He is a friend to the the birds of the air and the beasts of the land, and they are greatly concerned with his safety.
  • He is having a scandalous love affair with one of Archon June's retainers. What retainers you say? SEEEEEEECRET ones.
  • His happy go lucky attitude and kindness is simply a front for some dastardly evilness brewing inside.
  • Leon is secretly a Setite working to bring back Set. Hes going to share some brewskis with Set after he comes down from Heaven to take out their foes.
  • Leons heart is flesh crafted into his testiclds

== Character Influences ==

  • John Reese -- Person of Interest
  • Sam Fisher -- Splinter Cell series
  • Corvo Attano -- Dishonored
  • Angel -- Buffy: The Vampire Slayer
  • Eliot Spencer and Nate Ford -- Leverage
  • Bigby Wolf -- Fables and The Wolf Among Us

== Character Ties == I'm always up for character ties!

  • Hitter for Hire -- Leon has been trained by his sire and his sires lover for years and years on end in addition to being trained with firearms from a very young age. This makes him an incredible fighter. Maybe Leon fought alongside you during a raid against the Sabbat? Helped you fight off against Hunters? Or perhaps Leon worked for you at some point as a body guard or extra muscle for a rough job.
  • Friends -- Leon has been around since the mid 1880s and has traveled the world. During this, he attended gatherings alongside his sire (albeit as a ghoul until 2009). Maybe you became friends with Leon? Did you two go out drinking and having a fun time around whatever Domain you two met in? Leon was cocky growing up and took on a few harder hitters then himself in friendly duels. Maybe you kicked his ass and took him under your wing, which grew into a friendship?
  • Allies -- From gangsters in Portland and bike gangs in Seattle to the Sabbat in London, Leon has been in a lot of battles. Maybe you two fought together and became brothers or sisters in battle? Have you two only worked the once or has Leon called upon your aid or vice versa?
  • Driver -- Leon is an expert driver, having quickly adapted to the times with everything from getaway trucks, motorcycles to muscle cars. Did you need a getaway driver for a tough job? An escape driver after a raid on a Sabbat attack? Or did you just need a driver for the evening? Leon can do all of these things.
  • Mentors -- Leon, like most young Kindred, has a lot that he needs to learn. Did you freely (or not so freely?) offer to mentor him and help him become better at something? Were you an essential guide to learning about some Lore? Did you help Leon learn how to become the quieter, calmer individual that he is in the modern nights? Maybe you simply gave him some small advice that helped him out of a bad spot?

== Soundtrack ==

"My Shadow"
"Get By"
"That Kind of Man"
"Ain't No Mountain High Enough"
"Blood On My Name"
"Look What We've Become"
"Long Road To Hell"
"Take Us Back"

OOC Information

Character Information
Clan: Brujah
Sect: Camarilla
City: San Francisco, Ca
Player: Eli English
Storyteller: Victoria Boyd