Leonardo Szantovich Castiglione

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Originally Ayren by Eve Ventrue

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  • 1872 I was born of a love affair between a Zantosa, woman who kept the old family name Szantoich, and a mortal man of the family name Castiglione.
  • 1890 Began working within the Order of St Blaise.
  • 1925 Seduced, and kidnapped by Followers of Set as a political move. Embraced because of skills in manipulation.
  • 1945 Having spent the last 20 years learning thaumaturgy and making connections within the Setites, I decided that he had learned all I wanted from the Setites and that it was finally his time to make my way back to the Sabbat. I made contact with some old business contacts, Cardinal Charles Edward Lenox III (then only a Bishop) and Primus Ambrose St. Germaine, and started to orchestrate chaos within the temple, leaving it wide open for their raid on the 20th anniversary of my embrace. The temple was raised and my sire destroyed.
  • 1945-1948 My loyalty to the Sabbat were continually tested. I was thoroughly reindoctrinated and reprogrammed and "cleansed" of any Setite programming or loyalties. I began walking the Path of Night.
  • 1948 I was initiated within the Sabbat by Bishop Lenox, much to the protest of a local Malkavian. He immediately demanded monomacy upon me, stating Caine would show the true betrayer. Fun fact, did you know that Malkavians slightly burn when you drink their soul? I was also knighted and reinducted back into the Order of St Blaise.
  • 1960's I convinced a cult of rogue Setites in Haiti to join me in the Sabbat, forming the Serpents of the Light. We focused the early theology away from the traditional Egyptian Thaumaturgical style of Akhu. We formed a new style based more on the native stylings of the region, forming the new thaumaturgical style of Wanga.
  • 2015 I moved back to the beautiful city of Savannah, GA.


  • Be careful visiting his haven for long. He still keeps the Tzimisce traditions of hospitality he learned as a revenant.
  • Kine aren't the only ones in his cult. He has been secretly gathering those of all clans in the Sabbat together to form a sect that will stop the infighting in the Sabbat and unify the sect.
  • He has been experimenting with mixing blood from different clans together in an attempt to create a perfect obedient and drug fueled army to overthrow the Antediluvians once and for all.
  • If a human starts to suspect his true nature he might start calling them Sookie and laugh maniacally.
  • His loyalty lies with the Followers of Set, and is a plant within the Sabbat.
  • His loyalty lies with the Sabbat, and is a plant within the Followers of Set.




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Character Information
Clan: Serpent of the Light
Sect: Sabbat
City: Savannah, GA
Player: Armando Samuel Miccoli IV
Storyteller: VST Jimmy Lindsey

Player Name: Armando Miccoli

MES Number: US2015100145

Location: Savannah, GA

Image Credit: Eve Ventrue http://www.eve-ventrue.com/