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Information Known by Kindred Society

Name: Lex Reyes

Notable Traits: Androgynous style, graceful bearing, always fashionable.

Titles: Lesser Harpy of the Domain of Sonoma

Status: Acknowledged and Established in the Camarilla, Loyal by Prince Hildegard, Courteous by Harpy Ramirez

Coteries/Societies: None of note

About Lex

This striking Ancilla has made it her mission to leave a mark. Her blood is her burden, and she strives nightly to overcome the disadvantages it brings her. So far in her unlife, after spurning the religious nature of her sire, and her blood, she joined the Camarilla with intention of climbing ladders. It became clear very quickly that she would never be fully accepted among the tower, simply due to the misfortune of being embraced Setite.


Sire: Kashta

Childer: None

Broodmates: None of note


  • "I hate her probably the least of any snakes I presently know." Nicholas Loring
  • "Lex is an example of how her clan could serve the Camarilla with diligence when they choose it. She has earned my, cautious respect." Arden
  • ""It is one of the foundations our Tower was built on, Of course you wouldn't understand it. Do you understand why they are called PILLAR clans?" Zachariah White
  • "I'd had such great hopes for her before I knew her clan. Pity." -- Izar San Martin
  • "The overly-uptight snake lady? She's far more tolerable than any other of her blood I've ever met. Though I still prefer actual snakes over people snakes." Valerie
  • "My favorite heretic. She's clever, capable, and the subject of much speculation. For someone who literally eschewed faith, I find her capacity for devotion enchanting. Say what you will of her, knowing that she is my Talon." -- Rafael Hernandez
  • "Well when you spoil someone as thoroughly as you did they need to be spoiled again...and again and again" Lydia Brooks
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  • Only feeds on snakes
  • No, no she only feeds on Kine that have been bitten by snakes
  • Has an affinity for pure gold, will pay outrageous prices for any pieces of pure gold
  • Is planning a coup for all of Northern California
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OOC Information

Player: Mira Cary

Location: Santa Rosa, CA

Character Information
Clan: Followers of Set
Sect: Camarilla
City: Sonoma, CA
Player: Mira Cary
Storyteller: Jon Grimmer