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Lex Talionis

Lex Talionis


Founded by a group of vampires who escaped into this dimension from another, Lex Talionis is their response to gaining a new homeland only to face its imminent destruction as well. Not all members are from this group - they welcome native supernaturals who are willing and capable of taking on the Division's Mission - but all display a greater sensitivity to the desperate consequences of defeat. All are willing to do whatever it takes to prevent that defeat.

They have looked into the void and refuse to look away. Their hands are bloody, and do not shy from the foulest task. They are not trusted, and speak uncomfortable truths.


The Travelers have lived through the total destruction of our world by the Truth. We fight as though we have everything to lose.


A crimson star with thirteen points, at its center an ouroboros in gold.



Status 5

Status 4

Status 3

Status 2

Status 1


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