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- Camarilla Gangrel -

Lexi von Jaeger


Currently Resident In:
The Domain of Raleigh, North Carolina

Clan: Gangrel (Vanguard and Clanhead Office Liaison)

Affiliation: Camarilla

Background: Originally from the Midwest Free City of Oklahoma City, Lexi has since joined her family in the Ivory Tower. Once an Ambassador for the Anarch Movement, she now continues to foster communication and cooperation between the sects in the war against the Sabbat and increasing threat of the Infernal. She stands tall, broad shouldered, and dark-haired. With golden eyes and her signature fringe jacket, no one forgets the first time they met the Outlander Neonate Lexi von Jaeger. She currently serves Tower and Clan as a member of the Gangrel Vanguard and as Gangrel Clanhead Office Liaison to Independents and Anarchs, and can usually be found somewhere around Elder Prince Hunter, Clanhead Hunter, or Myrmidon Dravon.

Fleeting Status: Favored, Loyal, Loyal, Courageous

Mick-"Lexi's good people, aye - she's a fine traveling companion and a better scrapper. I'll not forget the nights we spent together along I-70 those years ago, and on the rare occasions I hear from her any more, my heart's the gladder for it. Just keep out of arm's reach of her when you mention politics."
Dravon-"So much potential, I am glad to see her join her family completely. Now comes the time that we all live through, proving the value of your existence. Not only to those watching but to ourselves. She, as my childe is well on her way. I shall be watching with great interest."
Clarence Charles Merrick-"I am sure she has a good something, but it is her kind that fucked the world."
Clé deMontes-"Her courage is enviable, and her strength is admirable. One night, she will be a potent leader. My hope is that it will be within our hallowed Tower."
Bridgette-" These new Anarchs are weak, lacking the fundamental gumption that made their 'Movement' a thing to be reckoned with in the past. Lexi is one who was forged in fire, a Gangrel that recognized the weakness inherent and disassociated from it. She will survive as all true Gangrel do."
Jinx-"Ok, so no shit, there we were balls deep in Gangrel stuff and she's the one keeping sanity and keeping us on track. I'd fight by her side any night. I got her back."
Benjamin Sharp-"So this is the new face of the Gangrel Vanguard? Impressive."
Prince Serafin-"Formidable and useful; the qualities I admire most in a Gangrel."
Magdalene Lys-"The first thing you will hear about Lexi is either how strong or how resilient she is. This is true by dint of her clan. She is much more than that. Adaptable, tenacious, ready and willing to make difficult choices that a lesser woman would shy away from. I feel a great warmth for my kinswoman because she is sensible perhaps even beyond her own understanding at present. She will always have a home in my city should she need it."
Kasserine Powell-"Strong handshake. Looks you in the eye. Straightforward, even brazen. Makes no apologies for herself. Yeah, I'd say she made a good first impression."
Wohl-"The difference between her in Vegas and her in San Antonio was something akin to night and day. Either a clever interpretation of the theme of duality, or someone found her fairy godmother. Either way, she looked like something from a child's storybook."
Stoneking-"Beauty, Grace, Strength, Courage. Not know how name reach, but was respectful. Hope some night, able return respect"; "Beauty. Strength but Grace. Panther. Never trust safe if facing, trust if beside."
Marus-"Refinement and savagery; Equinox's specialty. She is possessed of an inner fire that burns brightly, and in time, experience will temper her into something greater. I look forward to witnessing her on the field of battle."
Ammarah-"When I look upon her, I see a strong, tenacious creature, capable of what weaker kindred fear and admire. No doubt Equinox saw the same, to allow her to stand so closely beside him. But there is more than that... the darkness in her eyes tells a story of suffering and struggle, like a frenzied creature caught in the jaws of a deadly trap. Can this wolf chew off its own leg to free itself from danger? Only time will tell, and I'll be watching."
Franc-"A Childe reclaimed is a Childe reborn. I will be following this young one closely, and I can't wait to see what she has in-store for the Camarilla. Such a close companion of Equinox is bound by destiny for greatness."
Ian Smith-"If she can't move hell then she'll raise heaven. I think that's the way that saying goes. No? Yes it does. Lexi just made it go that way."
Scarlett Thorne-"I don't doubt her martial prowess or loyalty in the least. Still, don't let that gruff yet polite exterior fool you; there's an incorrigible flirt in there. One night, I may have to see if I can tease it out."
Midas Madison-"Whenever we have the occasion to cross paths, I am inevitably standing someplace where it seems I shouldn't, or so close as to be in her way. She looms. She menaces. And yet, in spite of all these things, she is polite, graceful, and cordial in her dealings with me. She is as fascinating as she is talented, and worthy of the high esteem her appointment suggests."
Emma Klein-"I think we come at the shark tank of court from completely opposite approaches, but once I actually kind of talked to her, it made me think that maybe this way we just cover all angles! Such a variety of targets and terrains of course needs different tactics, and I respect her greatly for mastering hers."
William Calloway-"I was transfixed with a glance. When my eyes perceive something that strikes their interest, I often quantify them as prey...but this one? This one is showing me that even after all my years I have much to learn about the true nature of predation. She makes me greater than I am. And, I hope, I have the same effect on her."
Equinox-"To suffer, to ache, to glimpse smoldering ambition begin to smoke. Loyalty is all I ever ask, answered in kind."
DC-"First time we met? She tried to get me to drink the blood of something I didn't catch. I didn't realize it was okay when you are trying to drink alcohol. We got along better after that. I think we have more in common with each other that we will probably ever know."
Bleach-"The first time I encountered Lexi she was fresh out of the Anarch movement. The second time I saw her she was standing next to Clanhead Equinox as his guardian. She took to kindred society like a damned duck takes to water. Imagine where she will be a century from now."
Tony D-"She had a plan, and was polite, got no problems with her and if she need help in future would take the call."
Flynn-"You're under my fucking skin, and I can't get rid of you. As much as I want to-- and I'm not sure that's all that much-- I can never be rid of you. Was there more than blood there all along? Probably too late to find out."
Amos Locke-"A solid kindred, one that I want on my side if I ever have to take the field of battle."
Guillaume de'Marianne-"Beauté résonne dans les yeux des monstres . Ils savent que la vérité du monde . Je serais ravi de connaître sa vérité."
Ethan Sullivan-"Kindred society is a dangerous one. So it says a lot when she doesn't ask people to part ways - they simply do it for her. That kind of respect can't be bought or coerced - it's earned."
Angelo-"Her eyes glow in the twilight, like some great hunter stalking prey through the underbrush. Those same eyes show a monster lurking under her skin. I wonder if she understand that monsters aren't always the villains."
Enzo Putanesca-" I dunno much about her but she keeps some interesting company, some of which is questionable at best. Definitely someone you should keep your eye on."
Leonardo "Leon" Finch-" I met her briefly down in Austin. From what I saw, she was willing to do what it took to help people and help the domain be in okay shape when she left. Glad I met her."
Alexei Rostov-" If they were all like this one, things would be much better."

Character Information
Clan: Gangrel
Sect: Camarilla
City: Raleigh, NC
Player: KG
Storyteller: Chris Rombach