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Awakening PC

Player: Steve BC
Path: Moros
Order: Adamantine Arrow ••
Legacy: None
Position: Moros Councilor
Consilium: Pending
City: Chicago
Cabal: None
VST: VST Storyteller Name

Many can attack from the shadows if one is willing to shine like the sun.

Character Information

Nicest guy in the cancer ward.

Is he a communist?

Real Name: Not on file.
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 195 lbs.
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Age: Mid-twenties
Appearance: When Liáojī walks into a room, everyone knows it. He's loud, he has swagger, and a dangerous recklessness about him. But he wins the fight and stays humble about it, so what's an Arrow to do?
Nimbus: The light dims slightly until there is only a soft backlight behind Liáojī. Gazing at it, if you do, you can't ignore the overwhelming sense of hope. That all is not lost, that even at the end of all things there is something more. There is light at the end of the tunnel.
Where to find him: Li runs a dojo on the south side of the city that he rehabbed himself. His students are never older than 14; he thinks after that they get too aggressive and stop having fun. He's also a regular on the Chicago bar scene, and volunteers weekends in the oncology ward at Children's Memorial Hospital.


Poor little rich boy.
"I grew up on the North Side of Chicago with rich, ole Mumsy and Daddy and baby brother made four. I awakened with him, while visiting him in China, he was there for school and I was just having fun. After that I couldn't concentrate so much, so I dropped out of med school. He, on the other hand, went into therapy. And I'm the family screwup?!?!"


All grown up; how's it feel now?
"I came home to find my city a much, much more dangerous place than I'd left it. Crime had gone up, like, 10,000% or something. And awakening didn't make things any easier, because the city is mana-poor but Bad Things-rich. Well. Wouldn't be an Arrow if I didn't love a challenge, right?"

Among the Arrows

Peace in times of war.
Title: First Talon - "Emphasis on the Talon, please."
Faction: The Crucible - "Blinding the enemy with the shine of our glory is a valid tactic."

Weapons of Choice

Never underestimate it.

Liáojī can usually be found carrying:

  • A policeman's baton
  • A beretta
  • A kukri
  • A greatsword
  • A mag-lite

Also often armed with:

  • Multiple fighting styles, some quite bizarre
  • A fully-loaded transit pass
  • A bunch of dead friends
  • A razor-sharp wit

Liáojī is happy to teach you how to fight with any of these. Rumor has it he also knows more than one Adamant Hand.

Allies and Enemies

Which are you?


Quotes from Li

  • I know it's hard to spell. Just call me Li.
  • I've been pretty tolerant up 'til now, but we know it's in that cave. The Arrow are going in first, we lead the van. Anyone who's not on board with that can spend the rest of the fight hog-tied in the back of the truck.
  • You don't just get to kill children! That should be a law or something!
  • Don't worry, ma'am, I've got a gun.
  • Who, us? We're...we're with the SCA.
  • Bartender! Shots of dark rum for me and my invisible friends.

Quotes about Li

Leave me one and I'll leave you one!

OOC Information


Player Details

Player Name Steve BC

MES Number US2005106753

Location Chicago, IL