Liam Warden

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Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: Portland, OR
Player: Kai Felton or Kai Gillespie
Storyteller: Sean O'Donnell-Field

Warden's historical activities have focused around tracking Anarchs, Sabbat, Infernalists, Diablerists and their mortal assets while routing out infiltrators and dissidents within the Camarilla.


Abiding Status: 3

  • Confirmed as an Elder of the Camarilla
  • Established as an Elder of the Camarilla
  • Privileged as an Elder of the Camarilla

Innate Status: 2

  • Architect as an Architect of the Tower
  • Loyal as the childe of Marissa Cole

Fleeting Status: 0

  • None

Negative Status: 0

  • None

Timeline and Background Ties

  • Mid 14th Century (Name: Uuerdenus) - Born in Northern Europe, Warden was a thieving rascal as a youth and grew into a wandering rogue and philosopher always on the lookout for the next bit of food or coin.
  • Late 14th Century (Name: Waredun) - Ghouled, traveled throughout Europe serving his domitor by tracking Anarchs and their mortal assets.
    • Tracks the influence of Shay in Ireland on the Statutes of Kilkenny.
    • Started following the activities of Lochlann MacAllan in Spain.
  • 15th Century (Name: Waredon) - Embraced in the early part of the century and continued traveling throughout Europe and the Middle East to track Anarchs and their mortal assets.
    • Traveled with Zahra Blanc as a courier before she settled down at the end of the century.
    • Continued tracking Lochlann MacAllan in Italy, but loses his trail in the Carpathians due to the interference of Laszlo Bako.
    • Operated as a member of a coterie with Wieland Þórarinn in Germany and Austria, specializing in tracking and neutralizing Sabbat assets in preparation for larger offensives.
    • Conchobhar McKay and Warden meet a few times in the lull periods between battles between the Anarchs and the Camarilla, often discussing political and philosophical issues in a tense, personal, temporary truce.
    • Attended the Convention of Thorns in 1493 and encounters Lochlann MacAllan again.
    • Traveled with Constantine Lancaster, tracking Brujah Anarchs
  • 16th to Mid 17th Century (Name: Wardone) - With the emergence of the Sabbat at the turn of the century, Warden expanded his tracking efforts to include all enemies of the Camarilla.
    • Met with Edward Salazar in Spain to learn from his expertise in hunting Infernalists, accompanying him to Tripoli in North Africa to gain some first-hand experience.
    • Occasionally took shelter with Asher at a monastery in the Low Country of France.
    • Protected by Lochlann MacAllan during the early 17th century while hunting infernalists and diablerists.
    • Traveled with Franziskus Winter and discussed "modern" innovations.
    • Traveled to Moscow on several occasions to meet with Sevynn and Shay.
    • Attended the 1660 Conclave in Venice, Italy.
  • Late 17th Century (Name: Wardeyn) - Warden sails for the Americas and travels the Eastern seaboard as he moves his operations from Europe and the Middle East to North America to help the stem the growth of the Camarilla's enemies.
    • 1670 to 1704 - Warden does business with a Rhode Island shipping company owned by the mortal now known as Equinox.
  • Early 18th Century (Name: Wardein) - Established his operations in the Caribbean
    • Made Boston a regular port of call for trade and collecting, collating and disseminating information with the rest of the Camarilla.
    • Formally meets Equinox as a Kindred of the Gangrel clan and maintains correspondence for quite some time.
  • Mid 18th Century (Name: Warden) - Returned to the mainland to continue efforts against Anarchs and the Sabbat.
  • Late 18th Century to Late 19th Century - Traveled throughout the Eastern half of the United States.
    • 1776 to 1782 - Worked with Clarence Charles Merrick, Connor Mcneil, and Conchobhar McKay as they looked for, routed out, and killed Sabbat in the Colonies.
    • 1780's to 1790's - Worked with Henry Abrams to identify Sabbat and track their activities via their mortal connections in New England.
    • 1820 to 1845 - Visited Raleigh, NC for many philosophical discussions with Elijah Hunter and accompanies him to Washington, DC on occasion to visit old acquaintances, Asher and Constantine Lancaster.
    • 1850 to 1865 - Warden recons Anarch strongholds in Detroit, MI with Veronica Devries.
    • 1852 to 1865 - Becomes embroiled in mounting cultural tension and the resulting American Civil War as part of intelligence gathering efforts.
    • 1868 - Eileen Vargas seeks out Warden in Virginia for his expertise on the Sabbat.
  • Late 19th Century to Mid 20th Century - Traveled through Texas and the southern portion of the North Central region on his way into and around the American Southwest.
    • 1900 - Conchobhar McKay calls in a major boon from Warden to travel to Texas and collect information in preparation for a final battle against the Sabbat in San Marcos.
    • With word of a Sabbat uprising in Denver, CO, Warden travels there in 1933 and establishes a rapport with Aleksei Dragunov as he is setting up shop.
    • 1940's - Traveled to Houston, TX to meet with Edward James Crowe, MD and discuss his work. After meeting Walter Rook, Warden becomes aware of Sabbat activity in the area and begins investigating.
    • Attended the 1946 Conclave in Boston, Massachusetts.
    • 1950's - Encounters Annabelle (Anderson) Winchester in Oregon while investigating a pack of Sabbat traveling through the region. Though they didn't trust each other at first, they came to an agreement for a professional working relationship.
    • 1960's - Warden visits San Fransisco and encounters Soleil Savant and her sire, Adam Bullock (a possible diablerist), who he recognizes from a vision decades prior. Adam escaped and Warden is still hunting for him.
  • Late 20th Century to Current - Traveled north to the Pacific Northwest.
    • 1970's to 2000 - Traveled with Ryan Keegan between shows along the west coast.
    • 1990 - Travels to Seattle, WA and is introduced to Prince Edkins by Annabelle (Anderson) Winchester.
    • 1993 - Meets Vincenza Longhena at court in Seattle and begin to regularly meet at social events.
    • 1993 - Meets Aaron Mitchell and Annie Case, begins working on updating information networks with modern technology.
    • 1993 - Contacts Alice Covington to expand Warden's information network with a server in Silicon Valley.
    • 1995 - Eris Applewhite visits Seattle and returns to the east coast to continue expanding the information network with an east coast server.
    • 2003 - Worked with Cedric Wadsworth to secure documents and false ID's.
    • 2003 to 2004 - Was involved in heavy debates with Darla Gail Wilkerson about the meaning of life and whether or not it is right to harm another Kindred, but ultimately concluding that eventually those not affiliated with the Camarilla must be dealt with.
    • 2004 - Disappears
    • 2014 - Reappears in Portland, OR.


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