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The Lovely Leading Lady

[[|right| Ora and Ligeia]] Name: Ligeia Loxley

Former Stage Names: Ligeia Amalthea, Rusalka, Anya Portova

Apparent Age: Early Twenties

Bloodline: The Daughters of Cacophony

Location: Portland, OR.

Status: Confirmed, Established, Privileged as an Elder. Guardian, Noble, Prominent as Harpy. Favored by Primogen Sheldon Ashley, Honorable and Sanctioned by Prince Greer Carson.

Position: Master Harpy of the Praxis of the Columbia Basin (Portland and Vancouver)

Notable Traits: A bewitching voice, a penchant for wearing white peacock feathers, jet black hair

It is commonly accepted that the mysterious and talented Ligeia was discovered in Vienna by the Lady Viveka VonDuan sometime around 1821. Her life before is shrouded in mystery, but her otherworldly singing has carried her across the many decadent courts of Europe, and to the New World beyond. She has favored many roles over the years (no part is too small, my sweet!) acting as an adviser, a companion, a socialite, and always the leading lady when called upon to perform.

Ligeia is a lovely creature to behold, but it is her haunting voice that persists in memory. She is decidedly mercurial, but often friendly and outgoing. The Songstress has a talent for drifting into any conversation and making new allies with effortless grace and indeed it seems she has friends of all stripes in all manner of places. Her current home is Portland, where she has been Master Harpy for close to 15 years. It is said that many Kindred pass through the Rose City to partake of the Ligeia’s personally curated opera.

Family Lineage

  • Elise, creator of the first Symphony of Sisters, whose origins are shrouded in mystery
  • Rosline, of the Daughters of Cacophony, who rebelled against her sire, Elise
  • Ligeia Amalthea, childe of Rosline; broodmate of Valerie Hughes


  • "Of course, much of what you've heard about me are greatly embroidered truths. The rest is quite factual. But I shan't tell you which is which. That would spoil the game!" ~ Ligeia, with a musical laugh.
  • "She is a graceful melody, set to the rhythm of Kindred politics. I have never seen anyone dance as they do when lashed by her pointed, elegant scorn."Tamerlane
  • "She is unparallelled. The true origin of the phrase 'music soothes the savage Beast'."Benjamin Baker Chapel
  • "The things I know of her myself are superficial at best. She throws excellent parties, she has an impeccable sense of fashion...most of what I know of her is from Alexis' ramblings. To hear him talk you would think she had hung the stars themselves in the skies. Perhaps at some point I shall take the time to get to know Ligeia as she herself is, instead of just the image I gain from one who is deeply infatuated." ~Mina Chandler
  • "If you need a room to be captivated by beauty and a whisper, look no further"Alister MacArthur
  • "Describing Ligeia as exquisite is about as accurate as describing me, your omniscient narrator, as devilishly handsome and clever. Very, but sadly only catching a tiny part of the picture. Oh! But to be close to sweet Ligeia - that Delphic intoxication that comes from her merest presence! To taste the sweet, citron perfume of her lips, to share seamy secrets in hushed whispers, and lose myself adrift on the still waters of her voice... even just to sing with her, once... I think that alone would be worth all the scorn she casts upon me."Alexis Godot, cheeks thoroughly flushed, eyes oddly dilated.
  • "Ligeia has become quite the socialite and well regarded member of the Camarilla. I... wish her well." - Viktor Cantemir
  • "Harpies are responsible for reinforcing the social norms within the Tower; as such, they must be seen to exemplify those same norms. Ligeia is good at her job." - Eileen Vargas
  • "There are many who see a relationship between music and mathematics, both are seen by great minds as a means by which to place structure and order upon the expanse of the unknown be it of space or of the soul. And yet the order we strive to place upon reality is a fiction we use to shield ourselves from its enormity... is not music that same shield save that it holds at bay a chaos that would wash away our very being into the nothingness that surrounds us?" - An observation from Phillip Avery Redgrave
  • "I deeply regret having missed Miss Loxley's debut. I had set aside time during my last visit to Portland to pay my respects to the famed Harpy; alas, duty intervened." - Captain Sawyer
  • "I am happy that I was able to show Ms. Loxley that not all of my Clan are cut from the same cloth. I am always pleased to share her lovely and enchanting company." - David Daniel Steiner
  • "Ligeia occupies a tenuous position, more alone than most by blood. Despite these difficulties, or perhaps in spite of them, she has managed to flourish as the lone flower on barren rock." ~ Edward Salazar
  • "The reflective developmental theorem depicts the unicorn." ~ "Charlie"
  • "You can tell who are 'appy for Ligeia's voice and who are jealous by the way they applaud at 'er performances. But I do not know what these bitter Bettys expected... that she would fall on 'er lips? She is a product of my beloved sire and thus is as socially nimble as she is talented." - Clé deMontes
  • "I certainly have it in my heart to be jealous, but I find it difficult to hate Ligeia for her talents. The energy I might waste being spiteful is much better spent being her friend. How unlucky for you." - Desdemona Gonzaga
  • "I am, by nature, a terribly jealous creature. That is why when my sister, Viveka, discovered Lady Loxley and her unique talents, I simply had to acquire a Daughter of my own." - Einhardt Wagner
  • "A Patron is merely a collector who surpasses art and collects artists. Every collector has a crowning gem, that priceless and unique piece worth more than the rest of the collection combined. And yet, to call Ligeia the crowning piece in my collection of artists would fail to do her justice." ~ Canaan Espina
  • "When in conversation with the Prince of Portland the eyes of my entourage would not be torn away from her. I would enjoy a performance from her to be sure." ~ Quinton Drake
  • "I suppose the expected thing to do is to make some reference to her music. Instead, I will say I am rather fond of her hats. Millinery is a lovely art that she is beautifully supporting in her own unique way." ~ Laszlo Bako
  • "Such an unparalleled beauty, truly. Enhanced only by symmetrical iron bars, I think." Elena Hellenbach, quietly.
  • "Ligeia is my best-est friend! We have known each other forever. Her presence calms my nerves and her smile feels me with the strength to move forward even in my darkest hour. And her voice? Well, I cannot tell you have many times I have needed her to scare away the monsters in my sleep. I snuggle up next to her, with wide eyes and ask, “Loxy…will you sing my favorite?”" ~ Ora
  • "Mademoiselle Loxley has never expressed an emotion in a way that was not captivating." - Guibert Murmure
  • "What can I say? She is everything that I am not." - Cassandra
  • "I have known Lady Loxley for some time, made many pieces for her collection, and am happy to say I can name her among my friends." ~ Shay
  • "The first time we met I knew her voice would be the death of me... hasn't been yet, but, I'm waiting. She is one of my very few true vampiric muses." - D
  • "When one thinks of either harpies or Daughters of Cacophany, one conjures up images of near perfection in both the social graces and musical talent. Mademoiselle Loxley surpasses any expectations one could have dreamed of." - Zahra Blanc
  • "I'd never traveled much as a mortal, and when I found myself in New Zealand the lush, natural beauty was so overpowering that I was struck dumb. Ligeia's presence had that shocking power to outshine, to make bland and dull all the things that once seemed unique." - Richard Adams
  • " The fabulous Miss Loxley is far too beautiful and intimidating for me to talk to without real business to discuss." - Adam Ro
  • "Her laughter makes me remember. If you should take from her a single moment's joy, at the wrong time, it might make me forget." -Sevynn
  • "Oh...oh I loved speaking with her...when she's talking to you the whole world fades out, and it's like you are the single most important thing to her right then. She's wonderful. I hope she will come and see my gallery in Phoenix when she's free." - Raina S. von Daun
  • "Once I thought the world had lost its charm and grace...I now know where it has made its home amongst our kind." -Damascus
  • "Social etiquette is the game, and she is the referee." - James Worth
  • "Ligeia Loxley could be considered one of the foremost among harpies here in the New World, and a true example of the elite of our station anywhere. I respect this creature more and more as the nights wax and wane." -Arden
  • "She is the Siren, I am the Banshee. Between us we are the Cacophony." - Brigit
  • "Never has a lovely surface distracted so effectively from the greater depths." - A. Winchester
  • "My unwavering devotion to your perfect form has rendered me immune to the constraints of Time and Reason, I am at your service the first conceivable instant." - Joshua Vertue
  • "Oh Ligeia, can I ask for such a better sister? It's not possible, you are perfection." -Valerie Hughes
  • "I had the opportunity to defend and guard this creature of song. At first it made me lament that such a beautiful thing was trapped here in a mortal shell. But, the selfish part of me is glad... for if it was to leave, it would surely go to that place of light... and leave this world so much darker. I am comfortable and absolved in keeping this bit of selfish desire." ~ Citadel
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  • It wasn’t Video; Ligeia killed the Radio Star.
  • The Siren claims that “The Grandmother kissed me once for luck, and then I never saw her again.” Does she mean she met Baba Yaga out in the wilds?
  • Rusalka, the popular Russian Opera, really is about Ligeia! She paid good money to the author, relating her story to him over the course of many nights.
  • It is said Ligeia has twenty or more suitors- all engaged in a ruthless battle to find and destroy their competition.