Lilith Serenity

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Lilith Serenity

So You Really Wanna Know?

1965- Lily Marie Moon is born in Austin, TX.

Real parents unknown.

1979 Lily meets and friends the Williams kids.

The Williams family looks into adopting Lily.
Her foster parents and the foster home prevent this due to age and to keep getting money

1980 Lily runs away, and becomes Lilith Serenity

She was afraid to be found and taken back home
Lilith ran away for multiple reasons but the main ones were for being abused at home,she didn't clean well enough and her foster father had been raping her since she was 11.

May 1980 Lilith walks into "Liz Short's" magick shop and ask her to do a reading she is so famous for

During the reading "Liz" founds out what has been going on in Lilith's home and takes her under her wing
Lilith was offered a new home, shelter, and a job long as she went to school Lilith would go long as it was not her old school
Lilith would go to school come home do her homework than she would work around the shop, once the shop was close to close Liz would give her lesson's in manners
Lilith found it kinda odd that "Liz" only came out at night.

1983 Lilith's 18th birthday "Liz" threw Lilith a small party in the shop with some close friends

Lilith than found found out Liz was really Candice Caine and was ghouled for the next two years

1985 Lilith is embraced by Candice Caine

Permission given from Prince Xavier

1995 Lilith is released

1996-2006 Lilith decides to go to night school to get a degree and become a threatre tech

She uses this degree to work in theatres and to work at local small concets

2006 Lilith flees from Austin and Prince Xavier

She believed the Prince was going after her to get to Mother Candice
She fled to a small town in New Mexico
Lilith did not find much work with her degree

Late 2006-2014 Lilith became an Escort to the rich that had a slight kink to them, her niche was ones that liked biting, goth, and BDSM

2014 The moon rips open and tendrils come out of it

Lilith decides it is time to go home and see Mother Candice

Family Ties

The Coronati Lineage

Extended Family:

So I Hear...

  • One of her "Clients" cared for her deeply and asked her to marry him
  • Her favorite time in life was working in "Liz's" Shop
  • She was raised a lady by her Sire but she enjoys fast rides
  • She Hates her human name Lily and will only use it if she has to be in a large crowed of humans

Go Ahead Put Your 2 Cents In

  • "Having my childe back makes me happy. I'm pleased to see she has turned out so well, despite her many years away from myself and from court. She will do well, in her own very special, methodical way. I know the cracks in her mind, and I understand them. I must consult my cards for her future. The fates told me so." Candice Caine
  • "She seemed pleasant and rather well-grounded - that's the most frightening kind of Malkavian." - Master Harpy Forbes, Domain of Waterloo
  • "She's lovely but she's quiet. A quiet Malkavian is a bit unnerving." - Chloe Pavlis
  • "I hope that Miss Serenity... Understands. Otherwise she needs to learn. Fast." - James Harlan
  • "Miss Lil is observing us all. One can hardly await the result of her findings." Miss Maggie
  • "As the Patriarch of my lineage, I keep close tabs on all those of my line. Lilith seems to not suffer the deep shattering that many of our line does, I have high hopes for her." - Dr. Daniel Thornvick, Prince of Colorado Springs

What's Rattling Around In My Head


Wicked Game H.I.M.

Porn Star Dacing My Darkest Days

Casual Sex My Darkest Days

Not Myself Tonight Christina Aguilera

Our Truth Lacuna Coil

I Won't Tell You Lacuna Coil


'OCC Info'

Victoria Christensen


Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: Austin, TX
Player: Victoria Christensen
Storyteller: Lucas Clendenan