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Blood Lineage

House Cross

House Lineage

House Hardestadt



  • Prince of Charleston, SC
  • Consilaria of House Hardestadt
  • Praetor of Charleston, SC (Ventrue Only)
  • Lictor of the Masquerade (Ventrue Only)



  • Confirmed, Established, and Privileged from Elder
  • Authority, Commander, and Sovereign from Prince


Notable Traits

Reputation: Lilliana hunted a rather large number of Lasombra Pirates and the like in and around the Caribbean before and during the rise of the Ivory Tower. She is known to be a staunch supporter of her Clan and the Tower, despite her eccentricities.

Nationality: Mixed.

Appearance: Black Hair. Violet Eyes. Ample Bosom. Athletic Figure.

Attire Corsets. Bustled or frilled skirts. Leather boots. Always wearing jewelry of some sort. Two Rapiers. Flintlock Pistol. An emerald teardrop necklace.

Other Traits: Pale skinned, and often unblinking. (Humanity 3).



Little Details

  • Prince of Charleston, SC
  • Elder
  • Pirate from before, and through, East India Company days. Was a privateer for a time as well.
  • Traveled up and down the Eastern US, and a few other areas, during the 1900s.
  • Does not seem interested in picking sides in the allegiances many others make.
  • Charleston and Savannah were allied cities at the leadership of Prince Kopaki and Prince Grace. That alliance stayed strong for a time under Prince Arkadios, but suffered tense relations until Kopaki took the city once more. Lilliana claimed the city for a while, creating a short-lived Imperium before peacefully handing it over to the care of Prince Runa.
  • Sank 532 ships over the course of her career.
  • Ran against Izar San Martin for Ventrue Clan Head in 2016, with a rather close running in the end.


    • "No, you get on the ground."
  • "No family is the same. It is defined by those within it, and the outside view may very well have no correlation with what happens behind closed doors." - in speaking to Adeline Bellamy about recent observations on family.
  • "Even if you weren't offended, I was certainly offended for you." - Speaking to Atlas on how he was treated at a gathering in Raleigh.
  • "Just because no one has seen fit to take you away from daytime activities and embrace you doesn't mean you're not worth talking to. I have a man who has been extremely valuable to me for quite a long time now. We were all human once." - Speaking to Isabelle, ghoul of Adeline.
  • "Keep up with her, or get sunk in her wake; Lilliana isn't your conventional Ventrue, but is all the more arresting for her choice to break the mold." - An observation by Adeline Bellamy.
  • "I had been given the impression I was going to meet a degenerate pirate, miscreant of the seas, reprobate scoundrel of the Atlantic; no one had prepared me for the refined, intelligent, capable woman of beauty and elegance I discovered in first meeting Prince Grace." - Master Harpy Forbes, Domain of Waterloo.
  • "You are a woman and yes what you have done is uncommon...but you did do it and that says a bunch" - Ashton De La Cruz
  • "She is my Captain and I am her Temper." - Temperence Valentine
  • "The desire accomplished is sweet to the soul." - Proverbs 13:19 - as quoted by Salvador Noventa
  • "Her passion is what draw others to her, her control is what allows her to lead." - Clarence Charles Merrick
  • "She is a good Prince. Taka sees a change though. Not sure why others do not." - Taka
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  • She has several adversaries sealed in the lead weights in the keel of the ship, and one made into an anchor. There's a reason her anchor looks like a screaming kindred with outstretched hands. -Anonymous
  • For someone who claims to have such a small list of lovers in the past hundred years, she keeps quite a few men around.
  • Lilliana grows quickly bored of formalities and pretty words.
  • Lilliana had a hand in the quiet death of a certain Tremere from Savannah.
  • Toward the end of 2014, Lilliana had a hand in the death of at least six kindred in as many months.
  • Says she hates the Lasombra, yet lays with them in secret.

Allies, Partners, and Associates


Enemies and Rivals


1453: Born in a small boathouse, where her mother drew her last breath as Lilliana took her first.

1453-1468: Lilliana was taken aboard by her father with a crew of men who treated her like the ship's son. She spent the beginning of her life dressing and acting like a male, until certain features became impossible to continue covering from the people who knew her for so long.

1468: Lilliana moved to a new crew where she cut away all of her hair and wore loose clothing while hiding her feminine features as much as possible.

1471: Lilliana took control of her own ship,though she put a male in place as the Captain while she called the shots as his First Mate.

1476: Lilliana's vessel is boarded by the crew of Vincent Roth.

1476-1508: Lilliana looks to Vincent as her regnant. She Captains the Grace, and does quite well for both herself and her regnant.

1508: Embraced. Lilliana's tasks of unknowingly acquiring Sabbat goods takes a turn. Lilliana begins to hunt down Sabbat ships on the sea, especially those belonging to Clan Lasombra. Her ire for the clan quickly grows over the next few centuries as she faces them time and time again.

1600: East India Company is founded. Vincent joins them and begins attempting to direct Lilliana on errands and hunts for them.

Early 1600s: Meets Miles Ashenhurst through the East India Company and her association with it through her sire.

1620s: Sent after a ship rumored to belong to a prominent Lasombra Elder. After boarding, the ship is instead discovered to carry Ashton De La Cruz.

1632-1633: Meets again with Ashton to take down a large embargo together. Afterward, her men are given a year to enjoy their profits, taking up with Ashton's crew for a brief change in pace.

16​80: Meet with Ashton in Tortuga. Appeal to him to join her in taking down a particularly vicious Lasombra she's been after for some time. They spend a few days in Tortuga and then get back on the trail, finally finding success at the end of 1980. Lilliana claims his rapier, which she still owns.

Early 1700s: Visit with Ashton at sea, discussing recent issues facing buccaneers and the split from French regulars. Grumble over the bitter ending of the peace they'd enjoyed with them for a time.

1716: Lilliana provides transport for the Elder Malkavian, Erhard, from Wilmington back to Europe. They spoke of philosophy and the like as she returned him to Southern France.

1758: East India Company has recently taken over rule of India, and Lilliana has a lead on a rather large shipment of spices they have coming out. Knowing she can't go after them with her own vessel for fear of pissing off her sire, she tips off Ashton and tags along.

1762: The Seven Years' War is coming to a close, and Lilliana is called to take out smaller French enemies, especially those with Lasombra influence, who might be getting supplies to and from the battlefields. In run-ins with Ashton, she points him toward targets where she knows there should be valuable cargo to seize.

1764: Lilliana goes dark for a time, though tales of her exploits and battles against Lasombra ships continue to pass along the lips of others.

1789: Lilliana takes over another ship off an unnamed coast. The ship is sunk by a 'monster' known as Stoneking. Lilliana finds herself questioning what that thing was...

1801: Lilliana travels to Norway to leave an old crew member to finish out his life, and picks up Temperence in the process.

1803: Gets word that they have found 'it'. Lilliana follows a map to a cave known to be used by smugglers and send one of her crew out to check the place over. He comes back babbling about 'monsters', and Lilliana heads in to see for herself. She meets face-to-face with Stoneking.

1806: Lilliana runs into Ashton again, and tips him off to some Opium trade going through the Company. Knowing that she cannot send her own vessel after these interests, she sends some of her more knowledgeable crew members with Ashton to help him secure these targets.

1832: Lilliana assists Maximillion Ulrich Von Bek and his coterie in hunting down a Lasombra Bishop. They maintain contact through the years.

1839: Lilliana and Temperence are caught up in a bit of the Opium smuggling to China, and end up fighting in the First Opium War, thus putting Lilliana's reputation passing around again.

1860: Lilliana runs into Ashton again, and chats over the legalization of Opium trade after the finalization of the Second Opium War. She also points out shipments she knows to be moving about with decent hauls that could be worth some hefty coin.

1874: Lilliana begins thinking over a change in permanent location, her gaze turning toward North America as the East India Company is dissolved. She tips off Ashton to targets she knows of in the area, and then begins her final stretch of preparations over the next several years.

1900: Lilliana and Temperence arrive in Florida, running into Ashton. They remain in the area for two years before moving along the coast for a time.

1901: Begins traveling along the Eastern United States using her influences and knowledge of shipment operations to steal shipments or make them go missing. She is tipped off to a number of steel shipments from another Ventrue.

1903: Salvador Noventa gets to a cargo ship Lilliana was after before she is able to reach it, leaving the woman more than a little perturbed.

1906: Lilliana has another run-in with Salvador, but puts off retribution as she is soon headed for a break from this New World.

1907: Lilliana and Temperence return to Florida, and Lilliana speaks of her desire to rest for a time. She has stowed away most of her valuables in one way or another so that she can return to comfort when she wakes. Her sire has been asleep for ten years, and she feels a need to join his rest for a short time. This new world is very different, and she wishes to embrace it with a fresh outlook.

1918-1924: Lilliana wakes. Temperence waits for her aboard her ship with her now - grown protégé, Rene. Temperence helps Lilliana catch up on the past few years.

1925: Lilliana goes to visit Ashton for a few days in Florida.

1928: Travels to South Florida where she spends some time catching up with Maximillion Ulrich Von Bek.

1932: In an attempt to cut off a shipment coming through the Panama Canal, Lilliana finds herself facing another thwarted conquest at the hands of Salvador Noventa. Her frustration from twenty-six years prior returns in full force, and she vows that she simply cannot allow this to occur again.

1938: Lilliana notices the signs of another of her targets being pursued by Salvador, and moves to cut off his attempt. They enter into conversation, Lilliana threatening his life and stringing curses. Over the course of 'conversation', it is revealed that he is a member of the Tower, and Lilliana finds herself halted in her tracks. What occurs next is a whirlwind of tension released, and their relations with each other take an interesting turn. This is far from the last time they see each other over the years since.

1953: Becomes a part of The Hellfire Club. Over the course of the years following, members come and go while Lilliana remains, eventually being the oldest lasting member of the Club's Sponsors.

1965/1973: Lilliana had been watching Marcus Abreu for some time, and finally chose to embrace him. She followed him to Vegas and put herself in a position to be seen. He embarrassed himself repeatedly, but it only grew her desire to welcome him into the embrace. She spent the next year teaching him of the traditions, polite society, and so forth.

During her time in Vegas, Lilliana also met Dax Forte. After seeing him headline a Show Girl Revue, Lilliana found herself intrigued and met Dax on his way out of the establishment. They hit it off and proceeded to wine, dine, and have a generally fantastic time of things. They both claim to have coined the phrase 'cruising' for homosexuals during this time.

July 2013: Begins construction on the most recent iteration of The Hellfire Club. She pulls in Dax Forte to join, along with Miles Ashenhurst, Pandora DiAmond, and Karma DiAmond.

September, 2013: Becomes Prince of Charleston, SC in a peaceful Praxis exchange with Miles Ashenhurst, who becomes her Harpy for a time.

June 2014: Dax Forte leaves The Hellfire Club to handle personal matters.

March 2015: Begins reconnecting with her Grandsire, putting behind the days of 'having no family'.

April 2015: Brings Savannah under the rule of her Domain, expanding her Praxis to contain both cities.

Character Information
Clan: Ventrue
Sect: Camarilla
City: Charleston, SC
Player: Liz N
Storyteller: VST James Andrews


Player: Liz N

Location: Charleston, SC

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