Lilly Piper

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Changeling PC

Player: Nicole H.
Character: Lilly Piper
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Flowering
Court: Spring
Freehold: Congress of Oddfellows
VST: VST DC Lost Game


Character Information

Lilly Piper

Fairest, Flowering

Former Spring Queen of the Congress of Oddfellows 2007 - 2014



  • Mask-- Dark hair, soft features, attractive Caucasian woman with a penchant for wearing colorful outfits
  • Mien-- Dark hair, soft features, skin like pale rose petals dappled with color as her mood suits, and pointed ears

Notable Traits:

Pointed ears, not uncommon among fairest

Lilly always looks fresh and full of life. She smells like a bouquet of love and magic.

Pink Lilly of the Valley is known to sprout where Lilly spends time.


Friends and Enemies

Lilly is known to call most everyone in her freehold friend.

Her motley The Quiet Orchard is all Summer and Spring Court.

Her bed and breakfast The Golden Rose is a place for gathering in the Congress of Oddfellows freehold.

Doug Hund is always in the garden at the the Golden Rose and working on the grounds.


Lilly never yells.

Lilly once sang a briar wolf to sleep.

Once Lilly was found in a biker bar. She was beaten half to death. No one else was in the bar though, it was as if they vanished after whatever happened, er... happened.

Lilly is the inspiration for the Disney movie "Fantasia".

Doug Hund follows Lilly like...err...well...a hound.

Lilly and Lilith Parsons have a very special understanding. Namely, that only ONE "Lil(l)y" can ever hold a crown in the Congress of Oddfellows.

Lilly is truly a heartless bitch, but she's got the greatest poker face of all time. Trust me, don't piss her off...or you'll get a taste of her ugly side.

Lilly is the only person on Earth that Fisher trusts.

Did Lilly really take her name from a pretty poisonous plant? What does this say about her?

The last time Lilly lost a courtier to another court, she swore on her name that she would not lose another.

Lilly is desperately in love with Fisher... Or was that Dorian Black? It was one of the other Monarchs, I'm sure...

Lilly goes missing occasionally. Is she following her desires? Or Theirs?


Character Inspirations

Galadriel and more Galadriel

Disney Princesses Pocket Princesses

Marry Poppins note: Marry Poppins has Separation Contracts bitches!

Precious Moments

OOC Information

Player: Nicole H. MES Number: US2007049763 Location: VA-020-D