Lily Hackett

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Accord PC

Player: Christina Bryan
Creature Type: Changeling
Division: The Samaritan Group
City: Charleston, SC
VST: Rocky Butler

Character Information

Name: Lily Hackett, Jasmine Hunt, Daisy Calcutta, Clover Lapointe, Iris Katona… There's several others. Seems that she's fond of the first two names most.

Creature Type: Changeling

Seeming: Beast

Kith: Skitterskulk/Apsaras

Court: Autumn

Accord Status: 3

Notable Traits:

  • Dark eyes, dark hair, oddly pale, and extremely curvaceous (Striking Looks 4).
  • Autumn Mantle 5
  • Her fingers tend to end in sharp points… sometimes. Her nails are actually rather short. (Lethal Mien)


  • Alexander White - Fantastic person. A bit too 'easy' though.
  • Warren Long - Seems a bit oblivious to some social conventions though.
  • Lucian Dragos - Confusing but intriguing person. Prefers his male form.
  • Locke Barrow - Husband and her #1 favorite person ever.
  • Sylvia Thompson - Heeeeyyy best changeling buddies (this may or may not be one sided)
  • Lifeseed - Personal soap opera.
  • Arullius - Everyone seems to hate him but she knows his secrets.
  • Giacomo Roman - He's so pretty... In a perfectly good way.


  • The Arachnids - The Black Jewel Trilogy by Anne Bishop (Book)
  • Paprika - Paprika (Animated Movie)
  • 'Dream Lord' - Doctor Who Universe
  • Ink (Movie)
  • The Australian Mirror Spider


Rumors and Quotes


  • Got Brightwater a pet spider.
  • Doesn't remember a thing about her life even Pre-Faerie. She doesn't care all that much about it. We think.
  • Has a thing against Dogs. No, not Wolves. Dogs. Mainly shifter dogs.
  • Has pulled Pope Felton Weathers out of the heads of Alexander White and Warren Long.
  • Carries a jar of spiders. She calls them her 'babies'.
  • Has an obvious crush on two cellmates.
  • Makes the best pillows ever.
  • Is married to an undying.
  • Married or not, she's a good lay.
  • She can suck the pleasure of an orgasm right out of a person at a distance of at least 20 feet.
  • Hallucinates about Colby, her old bat friend, being drank in a wine.
  • Feels kidnapping is a sin greater than any other, it would seem.
  • She has a wide variety of things she finds sexy.


  • Sam Roland Hain - " No, I'm not going to sign anything, so get that paper out of my face!"
  • Brightwater - "I like her, I like her a lot."
  • Brightwater - "I don't sleep, ever."
  • Feng Yue - I like to go shopping with her. We 'like' some of the same things.
  • Badger - Lady-bro seems cool. She is definitely chill.