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Dead This character is dead. Any further communication should be with the VST.

Silver Fangs
Carter Family

Apocalypse PC

Player: Tiffany Meagher
Character: Linda Carter
Auspice: Ragabash
Tribe: Silver Fang
Position: None
Rank: Cub
Sept: Sept of Roadrunner's Promise
Domain: AZ-010-D

About Me


Name: Linda Carter-Deceased

Deed Name: None Yet. Gimmie like two months though. I got this!

Auspice: Ragabash

Tribe: Silver Fang

Position: none

Renown: none

Notable Traits: Silver Fang Pure Breed, Enchanting Voice, Short

My Profile

Hi, I'm fourteen and a Silverfang and a cub, and also captain of the JV cheerleading team at ((TBA)) high. Jonathan Carter, Rises on Swift Wings, is my dad.


House: Wyrmfoe
More Pending


I haven't done much yet. I did deal the final blow to a bane though, and I ran over a guy which is apparently good.

The Family Stuff

Immediate Family

  • Jonathan Carter, Father, Silver Fang Ahroun, underwent his first change on June 15th, 2013 after the family is attacked by Black Spiral Dancers.
  • Laura Carter, Mother, Silver Fang kinfolk, Died on June 15th, 2013 from a Black Spiral Dancer Attack.
  • Steven Carter, brother, Silver Fang Prechange, Died in 2011 after getting caught in the cross fire of gang violence.

Extended Family


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  • "There's a sweetness to her that very few see. But I've seen it, and it's how I stood in the face of a freshly changed, raging cub...and was able to reach the girl beneath." - Tia Ragins, Glasswalker Kin
  • "She's enthusiastic and has a lot of potential, it's just... I mean, she is SUCH a teenager still neck-deep in a teenage world I never really knew myself. I do my best to help out but boys and proms and makeup just aren't my forte." - Unbroken Belt
  • "She's a warrior of Gaia now. On top of everything else, her death might destroy me." -Jonathan Carter
  • "The luxury of childhood has passed. It's time for her to grow up...or find herself cast out like the rest of the failed cubs." - Returns the Faith


  • "She died as Garou should die - young, in battle, gloriously, for Gaia. She will never know the pain of childbirth or age, nor the joy of children or love. But she will reside always in the stories of our Sept and the tales of the Nation, a reminder that youth is not a crutch to be leaned on, but a tool to be wielded for the glory and honor of Gaia." - Returns the Faith

Private Messages (Rumors)

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OOC Information

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Player: Tiffany Meagher

Location: Phoenix, AZ