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Awakening PC

Player: Deej Barens
Path: Obrimos
Order: Mysterium •••
Legacy: Tellurian
Consilium: Vancouver, BC ••
City: Vancouver, BC
Cabal: Solitaire Society
VST: Daniel Kawasaki

Shadow Name: Lmnop, Elem Enopi Sleeper Alias: Ferrona Devin
Order Mysterium Faction: Reclaimants
Legacy Telurian Arcane House: Dunbar
Mastery Master of Prime Mystery Initiation: Mystery of the Abyss Cabal Solitaire Society of Vancouver

Character Description

Confined to a wheelchair, the damage is permanent due to paradox backlash from havoc that was redirected her way. She can seem a bit flighty and distracted but her determination and love for the artistry of Ley Lines shines through. While her personality is bubbly most of the time, she gets exceedingly competitive in making sure items find their way into the Mysterium's vaults, rather than the Guardians. As part of the Reclaimants, she travels to auctions around to world that are rumoured to have magical artifacts.

Professionally she is an Urban Planner, having recently come from Whitehorse, Yukon to work for the City of New Westminster. A specialty of her work is in accessibility.



She appears as if she has horns and a tail, and is cloaked in black

== Timeline ==
Born into House Dunbar. Her Father is a Thyrsus Life Master and Mother is a sleepwalker. Was discovered to be a sleepwalker herself when she started seeing ley lines at age 10. During high school she found a love for architecture and archery. Went on to the University of Waterloo, earning a bachelors degree in Planning and Architecture, moving on to Masters in Urban Planning.

2005: In what was deemed a terrorist attack, she was one of many trapped in a collapsed building. She was in a coma for 6 months and when she came out of it was told she was paralyzed from the waist down. The damage could not be fixed by magical means as it was caused by unconstrained paradox backlash when the havoc was mistakenly redirected towards her.

A year later, during an especially trying day in physical therapy, she awakened as an Obrimos. Archery helped during this time and eventually competed in the Paralympic games, but made sure not to use magic to compete.

She focused her studies on ley lines, joining the Mysterium and becoming a member of the Tellurian Legacy.

2015 Moves to the Greater Vancouver area to work for the City of New Westminster
September 2015: Forms a Cabal called the Solitaire Society, a cabal to help solitaires find their way either as part of the cabal, or finding others within the group to form new cabals. This ensures the protection and security of a cabal and gives them a voice on council.
October 2015 Lmnop experiences her first kill, battling with other Mages a Tumori who was permanently destroying hallows. She dealt the killing blow with an arrow, even though Nihil Kingsley was willing to make the shot. As a Master of Prime and Tellurian the destruction of magic rips deeply into the core of her being. While the reason it was done she feels right in, guilt is starting to nip at her conscience.


Fictional: Flynn Carsen (The Librarians)

Looking For

Rival from the Guardians, always competing with each other for artifacts


Quotes by

"The swirly ones are my favourite"
"There are always possibilities beyond what is openly seen. Bumblebee theory for instance"

Quotes about

"Now she understands why we do what we do. Vancouver is the better for having her now that she has seen the light." - Nihil, Guardian of the Veil

OOC Information

Player Name Deej Barens

C@M Number CA2009120101

Location New Westminster, BC

Venue Borderline