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Hebridean Brujah Elder

Previously Known As: Goraidh mac Ailin, The Lochlannach, Lochlainne mac Ailin, Lochlan Callan

Currently Resident In: The Domain of Atlanta, Georgia

Clan: Brujah

Affiliation: Camarilla, previously an Anarch during the First Revolt.

Offices Held: Brujah Clanhead

Apparent Age: Lochlann seems to be in his mid to late forties.

Personality: Lochlann, once one of the Sect's most formidable warriors, is these days something of a bored and listless dandy. The world has moved on, and those things that once gave his existence meaning are largely gone. The Sabbat have been defanged, the Independent Clans are neutered, and conflicts in the modern era are settled in boardrooms and Salons rather than on the field of battle. He subsumes this distaste for Twenty-First Century tedium in increasingly hedonistic activity, but this is a poor substitute for the thrill of combat.

When encountered in a Court setting, Lochlann appears a little detached, a little insouciant, and perhaps a little more open and approachable than most Elders of his advanced years. He left politics behind decades ago, and has no appetite for the social intimidation that many of his contemporaries indulge in. He is often encountered in the company of members of his lineage, around whom he is typically voluble and friendly - sometimes a little too friendly.


c.1120-1164: Born to a Norse father and a Gaelic mother on the Hebridean island of Islay in the Kingdom of the Isles (modern Scotland). Trained as a warrior and an administrator, spends most of his life in the service of Somhairle.

1164-1314: Embraced by Dominic, takes up residence in Dublin, pledges Fealty to an Elder Baron, and serves as a courier and knight errant.

1314-1398: Moves to Scotland after losing his sponsorship. Travels to continental Europe a few times as a messenger.

1398-1446: Travels to Spain and joins the Anarch Revolt.

1446-1493: Relocates to Italy to assist in the war effort there. Also campaigns in the Balkans. As the Revolt falters he is slowly driven back home and is at Silchester for the Anarch surrender.

1494-1606: Returns to Ireland and keeps his head down while he rehabilitates his reputation. Eventually begins battling his old comrades in the Sabbat as part of this effort. Gets caught up in the Desmond Rebellions, the Plantations, and the associated Kindred behind the scenes political maneuvering, has to flee Ireland when it all falls apart.

1606-1737: Knocks around Western and Central Europe, bored and restless. Still fights for the Tower from time to time. Sinks into a life of hedonism.

1737-1783: Relocates to Boston in North America to escape ennui. Embraces Daniel Byrne. Is reinvigorated by primitive, primal America and battles the Sabbat alongside other powerful Camarilla Kindred. Embraces Hawthorne during the American Revolution, which he supports. An attempt at seizing Praxis from Prince Constance Fournier of Boston results in his exile from the city in 1783 after he is betrayed by an Elder Gangrel named Torquil.

1783-1826: Resumes his role as a wandering warrior, taking the fight to the Sabbat when and where he finds them. He even travels with Torquil for a while after the Gangrel leaves Boston in solidarity with him.

1826-1852: Travels to Russia to promote what he believes is the start of another popular Kine rebellion, but is mistaken and eventually returns home to America, disappointed.

1852-1865: Decides that his personal ethical code makes him an abolitionist, takes part in the American Civil War. Embraces Geoffrey Monroe during the conflict.

1865-1892: Although he still battles the Sabbat when he can find them, Lochlann slowly and painfully comes to the conclusion that the modern world no longer needs a warrior like him.

1892-2000: Settles down in Atlanta, the home Domain of Hawthorne and Geoffrey Monroe. Sinks into self-destructive hedonism until Geoffrey and Hawthorne pull him out of it. Takes the position of Keeper of Elysium to give himself a purpose and holds the office for most of the next century.

2000-Present: Engages in the "Atlanta Clan Cold War" and the ensuing Praxis struggle surrounding Prince Mathias. At the Battle of the Old Fourth Ward he is forced to destroy Geoffrey. Lochlann is instrumental in the Prince's eventual destruction, and personally destroys the Prince's Sheriff, who happens to be Lochlann's own Grandchilde.



Childer: Hawthorne, Malcolm Rook, Geoffrey Monroe (Deceased)

Grandchilder: Catherine Crockett, Edward "Pit" Tysus (Deceased)

Great Grandchilder and Beyond: Chris Sheradan, Elizabeth Hawthorne, The Bear, Razor

Known Associates


  • "Why have you only seen two men in kilts at these shindigs? You couldn't handle more than that ... I'm just here to keep th' other one in line. That's the story and I'm fuckin' stickin' to it." - Torquil Moireasdan
  • "Mr. MacAllan has the most delightful habit of being quite vocal and straightforward concerning his desires...it is a pity he remains so unsatisfied." - Orenna Komnenos
  • "Elder MacAllan has a unique sense of style, but one he manages to pull off most effectively. A feat I have not seen from many others. You might think it a curious thing for me to comment on, but you must realize that dress is the first way a person makes an impression. If executed poorly it can result in a uphill struggle, a constant battle against the person others have decided you are. But Elder MacAllan proves how to choose rightly. He dresses with a touch of the traditional. That coupled with the nobility with which he carries himself, and I can tell that he is not a person to be taken lightly." - Desdemona Gonzaga
  • "He is a man that proves that passion and loyalty do not need to be incompatible concepts." - Kristian Vasa
  • "My brother in so many ways, he understands me better then most. These nights he lacks a cause, I suspect it won't be long before a new one finds him." - Roane
  • "I have known Lochlann longer than any other Kindred who isn't a Tremere. In many ways he was my first mentor in Kindred warfare. In battle, his only peer is the Gangrel Elder Torquil. Fortunately for our Sect they have fought side by side more oft than against one another. Come closer, I'll tell you stories of battle and the deeds of Lochlann & Torquil..." - Oliver Mayne
  • Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a costly mistake. Never forget them either. - Constance Fournier
  • "I hope he finds satisfaction for that emptiness he has inside him, but perhaps it is an eternal quest. We always seek that which eludes us, for better or for worse." - Carmina Giovanni
  • " His drive and determination inspired me many years ago, now it is my time to return the favor."Jeremiah Jackson
  • " A noble man from a noble time. May the wind be always at your back good sir."Adalina Marchand Durante
  • "His martial prowess is of great consolation to those of us less physically inclined." - Jacob Hastings
  • "Remember when you were a kid and you dad would show up while you were out with your friends and do something embarrassing? Like offer to make out with your best friends kid sister? And encourage your best friend to join in? And offer to hire a hooker to round out the foursome? Then look at you, you're all mortified and red in the face, and he'd say "it's no big deal and you have to enjoy life" but you really just wish your dad wouldn't be a pervert in front of you and all your friends, even when you best friend and his kid sister are kind of into it, and maybe a hooker isn't such a bad idea? Yeah, welcome to my unlife." - Hawthorne
  • "Lochlann is the epitome of the Noble Warrior. Born of a different time, but always pulled back into the fight. Atlanta and the tower are better for his presence." - Maxwell Jacobs
  • "In a word, effective." - Nicola Adorno
  • "Our passions may lead us down different paths, but there is no denying that he seeks to remain true to himself." - Eileen Vargas
  • Lochlann MacAllan was unexpected. It isn't often I think of those nights, anymore. For him, they are the best of the worst time; for me, they were the worst of the best time. I might never be a good friend of such a man, though there are few who might understand me better. - William Blake
  • "Elder Lochlann is ridiculously fast and deadly. It might almost be comical...if it weren't so damn terrifying. Despite that he exudes civility and control of any situation he's in." - Henry Fuller
  • "Lochlann and I are nearly friends! We get on so well! He plays the 'I'm not really that complicated' card and I play that 'If that's how you want to play it, sure!' card in return. What can I say? We love to play with each other!" - Nenette
  • "As the bard says 'Well, I was there and I saw what you did I saw it with my own two eyes So you can wipe off the grin, I know where you've been It's all been a pack of lies...It's no stranger to you or me.'" - Goodman Goring
  • "He is a true worker of the craft...of sodomizing Sabbat to death with various foreign objects...."-Daniel Byrne
  • "I mean just because we didn't agree (twice) that Lochlann would have been a good Prince of Boston, doesn't mean that I don't like him. Maybe just a little bit of his soul needs saving..." - Malcolm Rook
  • "Elder Lochlann is a fierce warrior and I pity those that face him in battle. I'm just glad he is fighting on our side." - Theobald Albrecht
  • "One of the rare few that I would not only fight along side in battle, but also have a drink with afterwards. His tales are both enlightening and amusing." - Opal Smith
  • "He swept me away into the his darkest days and managed still to teach me more about conviction, honor and passion than any other. I could love him if not for that.." ~ Serena Montgomery
  • "The two of us understand each other, we are not so different at our core as people would think. There is a friendship blossoming that could span the ages provided he's not playing me." - Brigid
  • "You know when you see someone and you immediately want to know them? Can you imagine the history he has seen and the things you could learn?" - Jinx
  • "You can always count on him to show up just when you need him most." - Yelena Davydov
  • "Until him, I didn't understand." - Jayne Joyce


  • The way to win his favor is to honor his kilt by giving him gifts of blue ribbons.
  • Constance is so frightened of Lochlann that she will fight her way across a crowded room to avoid him.
  • He once single handedly massacred a basement full of thirty unarmed praying mortals.
  • When threatened by Archons to back up by the count of three or be dropped, he and Torquil Moireasdan counted it off for them, and were gravely disappointed at no scrum to follow.
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Character Information
Clan: Brujah
Sect: Camarilla
City: Atlanta, GA
Player: Tony Perry
Storyteller: Dan F.

OOC Information

Player Name: Tony Perry

Membership Number: US2002023315

Location: Atlanta, GA