Lodge of Cerberus

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The Lodge of Cerberus walks between the world of the living and the world of the dead, enforcing the separation of the two realms much as all Uratha enforce the separation of physical and spiritual. The werewolves of the Lodge of Cerberus recognize no benefit in interaction with the dead, and these werewolves see no compassion in letting tortured ghosts remain parasitically anchored to the living. Everything must die and pass on, and the Lodge of Cerberus has no mercy toward those who violate this most sacred natural law.

These werewolves do not seek any enigmatic answers from beyond the grave, or debate the truths of the afterlife. Such things, to their minds, are mysteries not for the living. The Cerberans see themselves as sentinels, guardians at the Underworld’s gates who prevent contact between living and dead. A mortal medium channeling the souls of the dead is just as guilty as a bitter wraith that returns to haunt the scene of its death. Both are breaking the natural cycle of souls, and are to be punished accordingly.

Patron Spirit: Cerberus, son of Fenris-Ur

Patron Tribe: Blood Talons

Joining the Lodge: An applicant must seek out a lodge member and have a conversation, then prove their dedication by removing three instances of a break in the boundary between living and dead within one lunar month in their own territory. Failure means they must apply in a year to a different member.

Pre-requisites: All applicants must maintain a Harmony rating of 7 or greater and have at least Glory •• and Purity ••. They must also have a Brawl or Weaponry Skill of ••• or better and Rituals •• or higher.

Benefits: Members are taught the Rite: Speak With the Guardian when they join. They are also shown the exact ways of constructing their own Wraith-Claws, earning a +1 bonus on the Rite of the Fetish roll when they eventually create them. Members are also able to learn the Death Gifts at affinity cost.

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