Lodge of Garm

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The Lodge of Garm is founded on the principles of perfection in battle. The totem exemplifies this, both in Garm’s legendary Pangaean history and the misinterpretations of his destiny in Norse and Viking culture. The werewolves of the lodge seek to emulate this ideal. They focus on perfection in all things that could ever relate to battle. Many possess a greatly fatalistic streak, always anticipating the worst — and preparing for it. Few members seek out dangerous situations and conflict just for the thrill —– there is almost always a driving reason behind the combative nature of this lodge. Violence without reason is worthless. Battle with a focus is both experience and duty; these things matter deeply to the Garmir.

Patron Spirit: Garm, son of Fenris-Ur

Patron Tribe: Blood Talons

Joining the Lodge: Applicants undergo the trial, where for three lunar cycles they must not retreat from battle unless they are the last of their pack to do so.

Pre-requisites: All applicants must maintain a Harmony rating of 6 or greater and Glory •• or higher, and must have a Brawl, Weaponry or Firearms Skill of •••• or better.

Benefits: Garmir are given a minor fetish upon joining. This fetish is sometimes a weapon of some kind, but is more often a Mercy Gem (see p. 206 of Werewolf: The Forsaken). Lodge members are trained in several different foci. The experience costs of purchasing or raising these Skills — Brawl, Weaponry, Athletics and Persuasion — becomes new dots x2 instead of new dots x3.

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