Lodge of Scars

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The werewolf who lives to see his powerful body succumb to old age is rare. Those who do experience this damning realization know all too clearly that their time in the Wild Hunt is in its twilight. Any one of these ageing warriors can likely point to a host of scars, cuts and healed injuries over his body, citing the many times Death has tried to take a swipe at him. Tried and failed.

The Lodge of Scars is focused on honoring the few werewolves with the wisdom, cunning and strength to survive to old age. An elder Uratha is something of a paradox to the mixed hearts of the People. Wolf instinct imprinted in the werewolves’ minds tells them that advanced age is a weakness; a wolf weakened by his years will fail in the hunt and slow the pack with his frailty. Human logic says the same, though it tempers derision of deteriorating physical prowess with respect for the wisdom acquired over a long life. The mind of a werewolf feels both of these gut reactions clashing with the tumultuous knowledge of Urfarah’s death because of age and weakness, coupled with admiration for the sheer scope of Gifts, rituals and accomplishments possessed by elders encountered in the past.

Patron Spirit: Scarred Bear

Patron Tribe: Open to any who proves themselves, regardless of Tribe

Joining the Lodge: When a werewolf wishes to gain the significant respect often awarded to the elders of the Lodge of Scars, setting himself above the mere “dotage” of other aging Uratha, he must undertake a difficult trail to gain acceptance. This quest is referred to with grim humor as the Last Mile, in reference to the number of lives ended on its path. Understandably, some werewolves make last-ditch attempts to go out with a blaze of glory, and walk the Last Mile as their swansong. Others die on the quest when they finally realize they do not have what it takes to be entered into the circle of the most elite elders. Success on the Last Mile is a rare occurrence, and an applicant must make a formal declaration to an established Scar before undertaking the quest.

Pre-requisites: Applicants must know at least three five-dot Gifts, and have three or more Renown attributes at •••• or higher.

Benefits: Members purchase Dominance, Inspiration and Rage Gifts as if they were tribal Gifts, and the skills Persuasion, Intimidation and Politics (with the Uratha specialty) are bought at new dots x2 rather than new dots x3. Also, Scar Fetishes are extremely common among this lodge, and cost one dot less than standard no matter their effects. Upon joining, members also receive three dots in Renown to be distributed according to the deeds performed on the Last Mile.

Email List: None at this time