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Uratha join the Lodge of Swords because they have a vision of how things should be done. For some Blood Talons, actively hunting out threats to a single territory isn’t enough. They hunt for a more active role in the world, whether advocating a cause in their own domains and striving to see it though to the end, or taking their outlook and sharing it with others in neighboring protectorates. The Lodge of Swords is a gathering ground for werewolves who champion individual causes and work tirelessly to achieve their own personal goals.

They are sometimes called, not entirely inaccurately, crusaders. A crusader with skewed aims or a dark heart is a dangerous antagonist. One with a noble goal and the will to achieve his ends is an inspiration to all around him. These are werewolves who seek out a purpose, a “Heart,” to quote the tale of the lodge totem, and are merciless in pursuit of achieving this cause.

A cause is more than just a dedication or a way of seeing the world. To these Swordbearers, as the lodge members name themselves, the Heart they choose exemplifies the way they hunt every single night. The life of reacting to threats and working to pacify the Shadow is not enough — something more must be done, something else must be felt, to make it all worthwhile. What good is endless battle with no clear victory in sight?

The Blood Talons, as warriors among warriors, must do more than they have throughout history if the Forsaken are to finally tip the balance in their favor. Warriors must also be war-leaders. Tactics, cohesion and unity are needed. The union of a pack is the Forsaken’s greatest weapon, but one weapon alone is no longer enough. The Lodge of Swords is dedicated to bringing about changes that will hone their own packs into more than mere feral hunters. Leave the life of an aimless pack animal to the Pure and their foul totems; the Blood Talons of the Lodge of Swords are above this, with a human heart joining the instincts of the savage hunter. A warrior’s will must be focused into something, lest it be wasted as aimless Rage night after night.

Destroy the Pure once and for all. Bring about a lasting alliance with all the local Forsaken by proving domination over the Pure. Balance the Gauntlet by a dedicated campaign against the infestations of shartha. Take and hold every locus the pack can reasonably fight for. Abandon the weaker loci that are being strangled by neglect and concentrate fully on permanently controlling and balancing the stronger ones. Adopt a kill-on-sight policy regarding the Ridden. Ruthlessly cull the spirits that seem to take pleasure in dealing heavy-handedly with mortals, and slaughter any other denizens of Shadow that are even potential defilers of the balance.

Many of these goals are assuredly the goals of any pack, and many Blood Talons personally follow these aims. But the Lodge of Swords seeks to do these things now, now, now. When the pack is weak or healing, they must plan. When the pack is strong enough, they must act. They act directly and with the guidance of dedicated planning beforehand. A Swordbearer tells his pack exactly where he wants them to be, where he thinks their best chances of being effective are and just how they can best contribute to the coming bloodshed.

The experienced members of this lodge are always thinking and evaluating events as they unfold, combining a wolf’s moment-by-moment instinct of a situation with a human’s capacity for reason and tactics. This, they believe, is the true meaning of being a Blood Talon — to do battle with the Wolf and Human in harmony. Other lodges can make claims of the same balance, but the Lodge of Swords takes this to much greater degrees — hence a good deal of the animosity between traditional Suthar Anzuth and the children of Anka-Ur.

Pre-requisites: Resolve •••; Brawl, Weaponry or Firearms •••; Glory ••, Purity ••; Willpower 6.

Totem: Anka-Ur, child of Dire Wolf.

Benefits: Swordbearers are given a Packstone upon joining, and exceptionally successful applicants may be gifted with a Mercy Gem as well (see p. 206 of Werewolf: The Forsaken). Lodge members are diligent in their causes and gain certain Skills quickly through experience. The experience costs of purchasing or raising these Skills — Brawl, Weaponry, Intimidation and Persuasion — becomes new dots x2 instead of new dots x3.


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