Lodge of Wendigo

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Pre-requisites: Glory ••; the werewolf must also impress Wendigo

Totem: Wendigo.

This lodge is one of the most widespread group of Blood Talons. Each group of them varies by culture and location in the world. The lodge doesn't have a great number of followers, but they are diverse and expansive in their talents and range.

Lodge members have learned to fight their battles not from the Shadow, or in it, but rather using the cover and darkness and distraction to augment their talents. They strike from within the enemy's lines, seeming to emerge from nowhere and howling to call his pack to battle.

This lodge sees their aims clearly: always be prepared for battle; learn the secrets of your enemy and attack them from a position of surprise and strength.

The name of the Lodge is well-known. They draw it from their patron spirit. Wendigo is a Native American legend, a cannibal-spirit; it sometimes varies its appearance based on the expectations of his followers that he appears to, but most often appears as a withered, old bloodstained man.


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