Logan Kasamir Jones

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Logan Kasamir Jones
Known to the Sword of Caine

Name: Logan Kasamir Jones
Clan: Lasombra
Path of Enlightenment: Path of Cathari

Pack Devotion: The Ebon Tower, Priest
*Lana Klondike, Grandsire
*Abbot Jack Elwyn Giles, Sire
*Ductus Kotori "Poe" ShinoOnna 小鳥 死の女
*Josiah Faust
Physical Description:
Logan shares his clan's general dispositions when it comes to dress, dark clothes and a very sharp, precisely dressed fashion. Logan stands at a mildly tall 5'11", and has a broad shouldered, working man's build.
  • Logan was a Catholic priest in his mortal life.
  • Logan was a Protestant pastor in his mortal life.
  • Logan was an utterly faithless man in his mortal life.
  • Logan is actually very old.
  • Logan is actually very young.
  • Logan diablerized the sire of Kotori to strong arm her into his pack, with an offer of eventual vengeance against him if she could take it.
  • Logan diablerized the Tremere who had bought Kotori and she joined his pack viewing him as her savior.
  • Logan diablerized his own sire, Jack is actually his childer.
  • Logan is thoroughly addicted to diablerie, and will drink the heart's blood of anyone he defeats in combat.
  • Logan's favorite pass time as an Albigensian is to corrupt people into violent vigilantism by systematically destroying human's lives and presents himself as the villain to be defeated.
  • Logan inflicts most of his acts of debauchery on people close to his target, rather than the person themselves.
  • Logan's favorite method of corrupting people is assisting them in dark wish fulfillment.
  • Logan's favorite method of corrupting people is in enabling addicts and only giving them their fix in exchange for depraved favors.

Quotes about Logan:

  • "Father Logan has shown himself to be adept in the ways of his blood and his Path. If he could just keep his packmates out of trouble, he could be a leader among our kind." - Johan

  • "Though I find his Path...distasteful, I have weighed the measure of Priest Jones' faith and found it hearty and hale.Perhaps one night he will realize that pleasure and corruption are but means to an end rather than the point of it all entirely; until then, I pray to the Dark Father that he rejects the near-heresy of his packmate, and channels his fervor for the good of the Sword of Caine." - Obedience

  • "It is good to know there are some lasombra that follow the old ways of shadows... but he should also consider that those who show there strengths, have something more to hide then they lead on." - Gregory Solomon

  • "Pater Logan, Enkel von Lana mein alter Schüler. Es ist schön zu sehen, dass die Linie ist gut vorangekommen. Halten Sie den Vater aus der Patsche wenn ja?" - Luther

  • "I beg your pardon... you actually thought you came out ahead of that conversation? The conversation with the Lasombra Albigensian? Ah, yes, well I'm sure that smirk Father Logan is wearing is unrelated." - Serpent

Song List:
(The System of) Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether by The Alan Parsons Project
Darts of Pleasure by Franz Ferdinand
Words so Leisured by Franz Ferdinand
Ammonia Avenue by Allen Parsons Project
Wish I Had An Angel by Nightwish
A Tap Dancer's Dilemma by Diablo String Orchestra
OOC Information

Out of Character Summary
|Clan: Lasombra |Sect: Sabbat |City: Colorado Springs, CO |Player: Jeremy Livermore |VST: Micheal Tann
MES Number: US2014010108

Venue: Plan B