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This is the Venue (genre) page for London, UK's Meridian Domain Vampire: The Masquerade Camarilla/Anarch/Independent game, a part of Worldwide Theater Games and the Dark Renaissance family of global role-playing chronicles.

Venue Storyteller: Meridian Masquerade: Ian Thompson
Assistant Venue Storyteller: Meridian MasqueradeJamie Lee
Domain Coordinator Contact: Craig Chapman
Games Hosted: On the Sunday of the third full weekend of each month. Please check with our DC for exact dates.

London Today

London has long been a bastion of the Camarilla; the city of Mithras, a city staunchly dedicated to the preservation of the Ivory Tower. This is a city where the Camarilla is most certainly ascendant; but over recent decades, a strange silence seems to have fallen upon the city’s Court, and the Court’s once-leading lights have been replaced by younger, more modern Kindred.

London’s Elders are reappearing now after a long time gone to ground, and the city stands now under the leadership of Ventrue Prince Noah Rous. But where have the older members of London’s Court been? Certainly ‘things’ slumber beneath London’s bright, bustling streets, and ancient hands are pulling the strings to puppet business even at the highest levels. The city is full of secrets, and London’s Kindred find now that they need to unravel some of the mysteries – with all the risks that might result.

The city is traditionally and usually made up primarily of Camarilla Kindred, who rule in their assured ascendency with dignity and grace; those of Independent Clans are permitted to visit and dwell in the city once they have recieved the Prince's permission, and even the Giovanni Promise of 1528 is still held in some respect. Assamites and Caitiff are not so welcomed, though, and they are traditionally asked by the Domain to owe a Major Boon – to be paid by action for the Domain, usually defined by the Prince – in return for their permission to stay in the city.

Some come to London to seek their fortune still, of course, and some to seek out those they love, of the Blood or still mortal. Most Kindred come to London with ambition, with dreams of power; and they find quickly that being a big fish in one of the world’s biggest ponds is something that takes dedication, determination, and more than a little cunning, even now. Power is an iceberg, and what is unseen is mighty, sometimes crushing...

Kindred Of London

Court Officers Of London:

  • Prince: Noah Rous, Clan Ventrue
  • Seneschal: To be confirmed
  • Harpy: David Hart, Clan Ventrue
  • Sheriff: Ursula Marlowe, Clan Brujah
  • Scourge: Seamus, Clan Gangrel
  • Keeper of Elysium: Falon, Clan Toreador

London Harpy reports can be found here.

The Primogen:

Elders Of London:

David Hart, Clan Ventrue
Seamus, Clan Gangrel
Ziggy Anthrax, Clan Toreador

Others Of The Court:

'Monty' Dunsirn, Clan Giovanni
Marshall Cartwright Milliner III, Clan Giovanni
Harold Jones, Clan Toreador
Tom Kane, Clan Toreador
Sin, Clan Toreador
Silax, Clan Toreador
Darius, Clan Gangrel
Isabellla Mayfair, Clan Brujah
Ursula, Clan Brujah
Henri Maurice, Follower of Set (NPC)
The Sisters, Clan Malkavian (NPCs)
Google, Clan Malkavian (NPC)
Mr Sweet, Clan Nosferatu (NPC)

Places Of London


London's Kindred largely respect the boundaries of territory and Elysia, as to do otherwise might be socially damaging at best, and dangerous at worst...

London's Elysia:

  • The Savoy Hotel: An Elysium of Clan Toreador, and a site under the Clan’s control and management. The main ballroom is where gatherings are most often held, but the whole hotel is considered Elysium by the Court of London, and as such any infringements of Elysium onsite are subject to the usual punishments and scrunity. In March 2015, the hotel was brutually attacked, and though now restored to its former glory, the location remains under careful observation.
  • The Museum of Freemasonry: Unsuprisingly, this historical site, with its impressive meeting rooms, belongs to Clan Ventrue, and is a recognized Elysium under their purview. When gatherings are held here, they are often held in the sumptuous grand hall, though again, the whole building is an Elysium.
  • The British Library: This august site is recognized as an Elysium under the protection of the Court and Domain of London as a group. No particular Clan takes precedence here, and the entire site is Elysia. Meetings of the Court are held from time to time in the lavish meeting rooms here; often it is the Ventrue, Brujah or Toreador who request such events.
  • Temple Church: This ancient church, where the choir sings constantly, rumoured to keep ‘something’ at rest with its song, is a recently re-opened Elysium of the London Court. Strange mystical events do seem to surround the Church, though – rumours of a powerful haunting, strange thefts and the use of seemingly-magical relics to subdue an ancient Templar entombed in the lowest depths of the crypts. The city’s Giovanni do not hold claim over this site, but continue to aid in making this a safe site for meetings to be held at, as agreed under former Prince Edwards’ reopening of the site and in continuing work with the city's current leadership.

Other Places Of Note:

  • Camden Town: The gothic clubs and bars of Camden Town, seemingly unresistant over the years to fashion or change, are strongly connected with the Toreador of London, and in particular to the Clan’s club-owners. The Toreador draw their fetish crowd from this area as well as from nightclub DV8 in central Soho, and are well connected within the Camden scene.
  • High Liberty, East End Arches: High Liberty is the club to go to in London at the moment, and is a hang-out for celebrities and wealthy, glamorous young Londoners. It’s a place where reputations are made and broken in moments, where fame, fashion, beauty and money and all-important. Built in the old railway arches of the central East End, it boasts sleek design and the best DJs in residency. For the young and cool, it’s the place to be.
  • III: III is a bar in Shoreditch, only a short walk from High Liberty. Decorated in a cozy, brass-and-Tiffany-lighting style and offering a spectacular range of cocktails with a full top shelf range, it’s owned by music and nightclub emporia Uniquity, along with HIgh Liberty and Edinburgh's Mea Culpa. The chain's ‘Acceptance’ black card, which allows free entry and free food and drinks at all their venues, is the card to get. Forget Nando’s black cards – an Acceptance card is for real superstars. It’s rumoured that Rihanna has one. And Justin Bieber, of course. Trying to get an Acceptance card is a full-time pursuit for some wannabes.
  • The Isle of Dogs: There is a small Kindred presence there on the oft-forgotten Isle of Dogs; Dunsirn Breweries, a small beer brewery which has been there since the early 1800s. Marketed today as a speciality ‘traditional Scottish’ beer, the brewery is well-protected and has good security, as one would expect for such a location. The beer is popular in the East End’s trendy bars and clubs, including III, where drinkers will drink anything that’s ‘cool’.
  • Greenwich and the Observatory: Greenwich is the home and feeding grounds of the recently re-entering London Clan Tremere, with their Chantry based at the Observatory. Not all of the old Chantry buildings and site beaneath and around the Observatory is open as yet to the city’s Tremere, on the orders of their superiors.
  • Embankment Station: The tunnels and maintenance and storage sites, and the connections to London’s transport network they provide, are under the control of Clan Nosferatu. The contents of this mini-network is a secret rumoured across London but actually known for sure by very few outside the Clan itself; what is known, though, is that Embankment and its underworld is the domain of Clan Nosferatu, and any uninvited Kindred would be foolish indeed to enter – especially while the station remains publicly closed.
  • Docklands: Docklands is the home of London's Brujah, and Tony's Bar is well-known to the Clan as a place of fellowship and ever-challenging bar games. The Brujah keep their territory under careful patrol, and even London's street gangs are careful around this area.
  • Kensington: Kensington, of course, is the heartland of London's Ventrue. Where old money and true class abound, the Clan of Kings can be found. Security and safety come hand in hand with wealth, and this is usually a peaceful part of the city.
  • Bedlam: Bedlam, of course, is the spiritual home of London's Malkavians. The Clan seems to maintain a quiet watch over both the modern and historical sites of the world's most famous asylum, and who can tell what mysteries and augurs the Lunatics might see there..?
  • Epsom: Epsom and the Golden Triangle belong to the Giovanni family, along with the right to hold business premises across London. This small territory has been hard-won through dedicated work for the betterment of the Domain. Highgate Cemetry, too, is rumored to be strongly connected to the Clan.

Customs Of London

The city is traditionally and usually made up primarily of Camarilla Kindred, who rule in their assured ascendency with dignity and grace; those of Independent Clans are permitted to visit and dwell in the city once they have recieved the Prince's permission, and even the Giovanni Promise of 1528 is still held in some respect. Assamites and Caitiff are not so welcomed, though, and they are traditionally asked by the Domain to owe a Major Boon – to be paid by action for the Domain, usually defined by the Prince – in return for their permission to stay in the city.

History Of London

To understand the Dark Renaissance chronicle's settings, our players are encouraged to read the Camarilla Timeline and Camarilla Settings Guide. As per Global Dark Renaissance chronicle setting, the Sabbat has been defeated across the United Kingdom. In London this took place through the 1940s and 1950s, but across the UK as a whole the victory took longer, with the 'final' battle with the Sabbat being fought in Glasgow in 1985.

For canon characters and 'classic' story setting, UK and London history is as per White Wolf source until 1939, and then continues as below:

  • February 1939 – Lewisham, London. Assassination of Mithras and Lady Anne Bowesley, attributed on good evidence to an attack by the Sabbat.
  • April 1939 - London. Maximillian of Clan Malkavian takes Praxis of London. He will in time become known as Mad Max.
  • December 1939 – Under strict order of their Princes, the Camarilla’s Kindred evacuate the cities of the UK, relocating to smaller towns as a measure to protect the Kindred and the Masquerade in the face of Luftwaffe Bombs.
  • 1945 – The Camarilla Court returns to London.
  • 1945 – 1950 – Rumours persist that there was more to the evacuation of London than stated by Prince Maximillian.
  • 1950 - London. Prince Maximillian styles himself ‘Sword of the Camarilla, Avenger of Mithras’, becoming increasingly concerned by and fascinated with Kine power and technology. He decorates London’s Elysia with images of the bombed cities of Hiroshima, Dresden and Coventry.
  • 1950 - London. ‘Maximillian’s Law’ is passed – No Kindred may pass near or through a Kine scanning device. To do so is considered wanton disregard of the Masquerade. All Princes of Albion impose this same law.
  • 1950 – 1960 - The great nights of the court of Prince Maximilian.
  • 1955 – Prince Maximillian demonstrates the Kine night scope technology to the Court of London. He declares this to be a serious threat to the Masquerade, and appoints his Scourge and Sheriff to find safe ways to deal with the rising level of Kine technology. The Princes of London use their technology to develop a covert Kindred communications system, known as Project Silence.
  • 1960 – Maximillian is by now considered by many to be totally mad, and is completely obsessed with the threat of Kine technology.
  • 1960 - Project Silence goes live, and grows in time to become a secret UK-wide electronic security and communication system for the use of the Camarilla across the UK.
  • October 1962 - London. Maximillian the Mad declares that the world is about to end; shortly afterwards, he disappears.
  • December 1962 - London. After a month of chaos, Richard Fitzgilbert of Clan Toreador takes Praxis. He is a moderate Prince, considered by many to be rather ineffective.
  • 1978 - Maximillian’s Law starts to become less rigorously enforced across the Domains of Albion.
  • 1985 - Edinburgh. Charles de Anjou, of Clan Brujah takes Praxis.
  • 1987 - Edinburgh. Prince De Anjou rejects the Council of Princes of Albion; together with the other Princes of Scotland, he forms the Council of Alba.
  • 2010 – The Councils of Alba and Albion merge back into one.
  • November 2012 - London. The death of Prince Richard Fitzgilbert, under mysterious circumstances.
  • January 2013 – Prince Christopher Edwards takes control of a city in crisis. His reign will be considered stable, and even-handed.
  • June 2013 - Edinburgh. The fall of Prince Charles de Anjou, believed by most to be suicide.
  • March 2014 - London. Prince Edwards hands over control of the Court to Ziggy Anthrax of Clan Toreador.
  • October 2014 - London. Praxis is claimed from the absent Prince Anthrax by Thomas De Vere of Clan Brujah.
  • April 2015 - London. Thomas De Vere's Praxis is removed by the Primogen of London after De Vere attempted to Blood Hunt an Archon. The Primogen Council supported Noah Rous' claim on the vacated Praxis.
  • April 2016 - present - London. Prince Noah Rous of Clan Ventrue maintains rule over London.

Links To London

Connected Kindred:

'Mad' Maxine - Harpy of Avignon, Childe of Maximillian, who was Prince of London 1939 to 1962.

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We do not allow out of Domain characters or characters that are not on Meridian's VSSs to own in-game holdings (including Havens) in the Domain.

Further Contact And OOC Details

For more information about London's By Night Studios Vampire: The Masquerade games, please contact the Venue Storyteller. New players are always welcome! For more information about Meridian Domain and our gaming style, please read our Domain Style Sheet.