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This has been taken from the MES Garou Addendum: 08/19/2014

Silent Strider Lore 1

  • You have been taught the meaning of the traditional taking of an ancient Egyptian name to honor the ancestors and the taboos involved.
  • You have been taught the basic history that survives of the tribe, and also have been told the days before the curse and the forced diaspora are not well recorded.
  • You know the basics of the tribal curse in egypt.
  • The Dark Umbra is neither a place to visit lightly, nor a place to be ignored.
  • If you are Metis, you experience ceaseless attention from ghosts and their ilk, and if you are not Metis you know the hard burden the mules of the tribe face.
  • A lot of the tribe takes jobs as messengers, couriers and travel all over the world to do so, and it can be dangerous.
  • At times, you will find yourself instinctively warned of danger or to be cautious, and all Striders learn to heed these warnings.
  • The tribe has ties to the Romani, mostly as kin, but do not make it well known.
  • The existence of various Camps isn’t a secret, yet they are not discussed freely outside of tribal gatherings or meetings. (Low approval camps are known to you.)
  • The Dousing of the Red Star cost the tribe a Legend- who is now the vessel of Meros, the Celestine, known among humans as Pluto. The tribe has very few Elders left.
  • A significant event took place of great importance to the tribe in 2011- but they prefer not to discuss it casually, especially not with outsiders.
  • The main Camps of the Striders are the Dispossessed, the Seekers, and the Harbingers; and the Wayfarers and the Swords of Night are the combat Camps. The rumors of others persist, but no one will as yet explain them to you. (High Approval Camps are now known to you.)

Silent Strider Lore 2

  • Knows the mechanics of the Strider Curse.
  • But you have been taught the prophecy of the Theurge Nephthys.
  • The tribe has made itself strong with ties to the Fera in Africa, and elsewhere.
  • The tribe attempted to retake the homeland of Khem and break the Curse in 2011- and failed. Why it failed is often argued upon- the survivors disagree and many who may know the truth did not survive.
  • You are generally aware of the Wheel of Ptah- and that in recent years, the tribe has increased the protection of it and guards its location more closely than ever.
  • You know the roles of the Auspices as viewed by the tribe, can name and identify most of the basic Gifts, Rites and Fetishes of the tribe.

Silent Strider Lore 3

  • You know the specific duties the tribe has that are unique on their few caerns, such as the Memory Keeper.
  • You have a general knowledge of the Dark umbra and how it relates to the tribe.
  • You may have now met, or heard of, members of the tribe who deal directly with ghosts and the Underworld, and a Camp that is known to quietly recruit. You can never find them if you look directly- it is said if you are suitable, they will find you.
  • The location of the Wheel of Ptah- in Morocco, has been shared with you- as well as a firm warning not to risk its safety by spreading information about it or visiting carelessly.

Silent Strider Lore 4

  • You have heard firm stories and rumors of the Bitter Hex.
  • You have learned of the Camp of Shiva.
  • Tales of the Australian pack known as the Strider Circus have reached your ears- you may have even met a well-traveled Strider or two who has been there and met them.
  • You have the beginnings of rumors of the Eaters of the Dead.
  • You are aware of some of the more concrete reasons for the failure to retake Khem.
  • You know many of the tribal tales and songs, the names of its greatest warriors and explorers, along with likely having met a few of the surviving Elders.

Silent Strider Lore 5

  • You have heard of the Prophecy of Fire Walker. You also know Road Walker is dead- killed by Ni’Mah Sandhair when Road Walker tried to convince the tribe to leave the Nation not long after the Stargazers did.
  • You know of the search for the lost Caern of Long Voyages.
  • You know the legends and tales of Black Shuck.
  • You know some of the details of the Eaters of the Dead including their recent activities in Khem.
  • The Prophecy of Phoenix was first brought to the Silent Striders by Bennu; the tribe then carried to the Silver Fangs- and there may be a portion of it that even the Silver Fangs have not been told.
  • You have heard of the Eighth Sign of the Prophecy- the Harbingers seek, but have yet to share what they are finding.
  • There is an Umbral Homeland; you know a few signs of how to look for the roads to it in the Duat. If you are an Athro or and Elder you may have been tasked to find it in order to gain your Rank