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Apocalypse PC

Player: Dan Hartstein
Character: Lorne "What's the Point", "Unsubtle Victory" Macpherson
Auspice: Ragabash
Tribe: Fianna
Pack: Southern Comfort
Rank: Adren
Renown: 8 Glory, 11 Honor, 9 Wisdom
Domain: FL-011-D
DST: Jesse Vanspyker-Maillet

Character Information

Rank: Adren

Tribe: Fianna

Auspice: Ragabash

Breed: Homid

Camp: Whispering Rovers


Clan: Macpherson, of Clan Chattan


Known Notable Traits: Pure Breed x4, Overconfident, Deviant, Traveler, Thrill-seeker, Tattoo Artist

Homid Physical Description White, Male, Late 20's, 6'0", 200 lbs, Wiry, Short Dark Hair. Covered in tattoos, including both arms sleeved and multiple Fianna markings (One Tattoo in particular being a spiritual mark by Stag). Wears a Gold & Silver Torc with 4 heads (A Dragon, A Stag, A Lion, and a Wolf).

Information known to the Nation

IC Quotes

  • "Where the fuck to begin? I met this young spitfire at a house show one night. Seems he didn't take to kindly to me calling him a potato eating mother fucker. Guess he got his kilt all up in a knot. Wrong island, same monkey. Little bastard actually sucker punched me. Been along time since someone caught me off guard like that. That led to lots of fighting and even more drinking afterwards. I think that's why I took a shine to him. If he would just learn to fucking speak American and quit jabbering in Island Monkey he could be me twenty years ago. See I've read this book already. I know how wild the ride is that he is just about to begin." - Declan Brennan


1988 - Born in Kingussie, Scotland.
2000 - Fourth battle of Tara and the return of the Wyrm Howlers to Scotland. Lorne was unable to participate due to still being kin.
2003 - Ratkin War. Lorne still had not shifted.
2004 - Mother died to a Ratkin attack. Lorne spent most of his time away from home, in Glasgow, Scotland.
2005 - Firsted in a gang war attack in Glasgow, Scotland.
2006 - End of the Ratkin war - Father MIA. Lorne began his fostering - disobeying the rules.
2007 - Eventually took his Fostering seriously, and completed his Rite of Passage at the Ben Macdui Caern, Scotland.
2008 - When not on guard duty, traveled through Scotland, Ireland, and the U.K. - Began a relationship with a Silverfang Kin named Sorcha.
2009 - Sorcha was found murdered. Silverfangs blamed Lorne. Fianna blamed the Get. Lorne left Scotland, later popped up in America.
2010 - Dousing of the Red Star and the Wyrm Ambush. Attended the Funeral of the Ard Righ. Considered Whispering Rovers but wasn't ready.
2011 - Took on mentor and assisted the Warder in Gainesville, Florida. Improved himself as a Garou.
2012 - Completed his Fostern Challenge, and by Declan to join the Whispering Rovers.
2013 - Ongoing...


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OOC Information

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Player: Dan Hartstein

MES Number: US2002023320

Location: Gainesville, Florida