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Standing at about 5'5", with very striking green eyes and long, auburn hair, she is often the pinnacle of calm and collected. She tends to dress casual, often wearing items and colors that she found to make others comfortable around her. All and all she looks like the kind of person ready to offer a casual conversation or a friendly word of advice.


No God, No Master. Like most of her order, Lotus enjoys control. A trait that can be seen in the way she handles situations she is put in, calmly placing herself in charge and leading the way or offering advice to those in charge. She is very much in control of her day to day life for the most part, owning her own practice, enjoying the comfort her "House Rules" brings...order and quick results among her employes. Lotus is very territorial about her personal space, and can get rather brooding towards those looking to get ahead by using her nor dose she like people trying to tag along as she climes the ladder towards greater success.

Lotus works with local police and inmates as well as volunteers her time as a school counselor when more extreme cases percent themselves.




Looking for

  • Contacts
  • Friends
  • Associates
  • Allies
  • Lovers
  • Rivals
  • Character Development
  • Anything really.....


  • Ella Henderson - Ghost
  • Jessie J - Masterpeice
  • Nepoleon XIV - They're Coming to take me away.

Notable Items

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