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"Numbers do not lie. Politics and poetry, promises, these are lies. Numbers are as close as we get to the handwriting of God."

Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: Washington, DC
Player: Phil Wallace
Storyteller: Erin Warren

Malkicon.gifCharacter Information

Full Name: Luca Zelati Bianci
Clan: Malkavian
Position: Archon to Shar-Sin, Ventrue Justicar
Sect: Camarilla
Embraced: 1604
Sire: The Venetian
Notable Traits: Almost always dresses in a 3-piece suit and black fedora Coteries/Societies: Though Police

Malkicon.gifAllies and Enemies


The Venetian Anna Russell Chloe Foster Chandra de Soissones
Eric Kincaid Brigid House Oculus The Thought Police
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  • (1572) Born in Florence, Italy
  • (1594) Discovers a copy of Luca Pacioli’s Summa de Arithmetica, Geometria, Proportioni et Proportionalita on the centennial anniversary of its printing. Meticulously studies the principles in it.
  • (1604) Embraced by sire The Venetian and commanded to continue his study of mathematics and how to use it to fight the Sabbat
  • (1662) Word of Fermat’s Little Theorem describing prime numbers reaches him. He becomes obsessed with primes, especially 2, 3, 5, and 7, regarding them as descriptors of the perfection that is the Ivory Tower (especially 7, for the 7 clans) and the Camarilla as a whole
  • (1672) 77 years after the murder of his grandsire, Camilla Baines, The Venetian recounts the tale of the Conclave where it happened. Luca shows her his work using Descartes’ analytic methods combined with prime numbers as a form of numerology to show how it can be used to describe patterns in behavior. Is released by the Venetian as a reward for his work
  • (1694) Travels to Cambridge after hearing of Newton’s new mathematical method known as calculus and publishing of his Principia 7 years prior. “Hires” four research assistants whom he ghouls in order to study Newton’s calculus and theorems, including gravity
  • (1711) Fueled by the (false) belief that a dispute between Newton and Leibniz may reveal him, Luca leaves Cambridge to return to Florence, citing, “too much politics, not enough mathematics.” He spends a decade erasing all traces his research assistants were at Cambridge in extreme paranoia, only allowing his sire and broodmate to visit him during this time
  • (1739) Experimenting with Auspex and calculus, Luca begins to describe the capabilities of known Sabbat clans via mathematics. His paranoia over Cambridge persists, and he kills one of his assistants, citing his mistake in hiring a non-prime number led to the circumstances forcing him to leave
  • (1792) Flees Florence, believing Napoleon to know the true secrets of prime numbers, leading to his military domination. Settles in Paris for a short time where he meets up with his Sire to showcase his newfound calculus methods. Becomes a member of the Thought Police and vows to protect the Ivory Tower from all statistical aberrations
  • (1812) Recognized as Ancilla
  • (1814) Begins studying non-standard uses of Auspex to see patterns in his calculations. Insists to his assistants that they are there and need to look harder. Unconsciously develops his skill in Dominate, instead believing his success in convincing his assistants of the truth is because his logic is “infallible as the truth.”
  • (1880) Urges his Sire to use her influence to crack down on all forms of sorcery as dangerous statistical anomalies that threaten the Ivory Tower. Develops an intense mistrust of most sorcery practitioners. Tirelessly attempts to find equations to describe the powers of Thaumaturgy, but fails
  • (1897) Travels to the United States, tired of the upheaval disrupting his research in Europe
  • (1901) Recognized as an Elder.
  • (1903) Meets Anna Russell, a Ventrue fighting the Sabbat on the East Coast. Briefly works with her, using his Auspex-fueled mathematics to predict Sabbat movements and counterattacks for her
  • (1945) Luca disappears with his ghouls, faking their deaths and travels the West Coast for a time
  • (1953) Is called on by Anna Russell to aid her in hunting down Sabbat and Infernalists. Applies what he learned of differential equations and quantum mechanics to describe Kindred hidden by Obsfuscate as wave equations
  • (1988) Attends his first Conclave in Vienna and tells his Sire what he learned aiding Anna Russell. Notes to himself (with dismay) the Malkavian Justicar’s outfit has six, not seven, buttons
  • (Early 2004) Travels to Cambridge, intending to Embrace Steven Hawking as his childe. Talked out of it before arrival by his three assistants due to Hawking’s inability to survive
  • (Late 2004) Meets Anna Russell in Europe. Sees her improved humanity. Decides to steal Newton's Principia for the pretty Ventrue to impress her. Gets cold feet and instead presents her with a forged copy he creates.
  • (2014) Returns to the United States to join his Sire and Chloe Foster in Washington, DC
  • (December, 2016) Disappears during a cave-in while out of the country. Presumed dead.
  • (March, 2016 - Malkavian knowledge only) Reappears in Jerusalem, escorted by multiple Malkavian Methuselahs, displaying volatile, passionate emotions. Argues against supporting Malaki
  • (May, 2016) Named Myrmidon of Clan Malkavian

Malkicon.gif Quotes

  • "It is better to be feared than loved, but it is far greater still to be in control than it is feared."
  • "Primes can only be divided by the number one, and themselves. To be prime is to be the only person capable of your own downfall."
  • "One is the strangest of is neither prime, nor composite. Yet, it is one of the most important numbers in mathematics."
  • "Completely mad, but, so terribly... effective.. when directed at the proper threats." - The Venetian
  • "An intimidating individual but a staunch supporter of the Ivory Tower and it's ideals." - Theobald Albrecht
  • "Get's things done, willing protect again, and make sure markers kept from face." - Tony D
  • "A few quirks do not make him any less interesting and capable company." - Alicia Vangelista
  • "I basically do my best to avoid his notice as much as I can. I feel like it's safer that way." - Brigid
    • "He noticed. Then researched. Then approached. Makes him no less terrifying. But I suppose it could be worse?" - Brigid
  • "In his arms, it always felt like home. But those arms, they didn't want to shelter me from the world's treacheries. They wanted  to teach me how to survive them. " - Anna Russell.
  • "He smiled when we met again, even remembered who I was. While I appreciate that he remembered me fondly, I almost wish he didn't remember me at all." - Spencer
  • "Luca is interesting. He's smart, he's polite and he's incredibly good at the jobs he does. I haven't had a lot of time to get to know the man, but I look forward to seeing him again.
  • "What happens when you pour boiling water onto the surface of a frozen lake? It cracks, and exposes the depths beneath." - Kasserine Powell
  • "He sounds like the beginning of some Kindred Stalinistic propaganda film." - Aaron Mitchell
  • ""There were whispers of how dangerous he is, I found him quite charming and warm." Yelena Davydov
  • ""Ha una grande mente e comanda il rispetto di molti attraverso le sue azioni , e non le sue parole . Mi aspetterei niente di meno da qualcuno dalla mia terra . E ' un onore averlo incontrato ... Spero che le nostre strade si incrociano di nuovo." Donna Valentina Giovanni
  • "He handed me a weapon I used to use before I broke every weapon I touched. I do not even know how he knew, but I appreciate the gesture. It was so well made I still carry it for when I need to warn someone gently." - Serratus
  • "He could at least have the decency to HIDE his contempt for Caitiffs, especially when they're willing to risk their neck for him. Evaki
  • "For a kindred that seems so inordinately rigid and structured...Luca has a surprising way of thinking well outside the box. Bella Rossellini
  • "When spending time with Malkavians, I keep gravitating to the Thought Police. In that respect, Luca is no different. However, in all other aspects save one (which I will not discuss with you), he is different. Very different. That is why those who wish him ill will receive no quarter from me. - Scarlett Thorne
  • "Why did you lick the necromantic thing?? This is why you hired me! So you don't have to lick the necromantic things!! Isabella Marie



  • He has spent so much time connected telepathically to his broodmate/sister Chloe Foster that he's begun to pick up some of her worldview and quirks
  • Luca fell asleep writing on a chalkboard. Rather than move him to his bed and risk upsetting him when he awoke, his ghouls held him there the entire day.
  • He has a collection of art based entirely upon fractals.
  • Luca can have a volatile personality. Sometimes it's better to smile and nod than to let the Elder think you're not understanding him.
  • Chloe Foster has the unusual ability to defuse Luca's outbursts quickly for some reason. He's usually not far from her during court if he can help it.
  • He is very fond and protective of Anna Russell and dislikes it when others meddle in her business
  • He keeps a controlled expression because the Giovanni stole his soul and this is why he hates them.
  • Luca is a humanist, through and through. He hopes to manipulate the Thought Police into making the world a better place for everyone.
  • He spent two months with an ancient Malkavian. When he came out, he was decidedly different, possessing a full spectrum of emotions




  • Chloe Foster

Known Childer

Not currently looking for more childer, but 10th, 11th and higher gen PCs welcome. Contact me!

OOC Player Information

Player: Phil Wallace
Location: Domain of Washington, D.C.; East Central Region