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Awakening PC

Player: Brian Ward
Path: Moros
Order: Free Council ••
Legacy: Celestial Masters
Position: Deputy Sentinel
Consilium: Alexandria, VA ••
City: Alexandria, VA
Cabal: Sons of Tesla
VST: Charles Lloyd

We all are built from the spark of stars.

Birth Name: Known by only a few individuals

Shadow Name: Lucas

Sleeper Alias: Lucas


Quote: I don't really understand why so many people have a reluctance to open their eyes and at least accept that a new way of looking at something may be necessary. That doesn't mean that the new way is right, nor does it mean that we throw out all of the knowledge and wisdom that people have picked up over the generations. It just means that another avenue opens up. All I ask is that people open themselves up to the chance that they don't know everything. Heck. I at least know I don't know everything.


  • 1993 - Born to Laz MacTire and Tamarind, both Awakened of the Mysterium, and baptized by Father Bob, an Apostate.
  • 1999 to 2008 - Begins homeschooling, learning both Sleeper and Awakened history with the intent of either Awakening one day or being an informed Proximus. Finds a love of visiting other places from Penny Lincoln. Picks up a healthy appreciation of lessons learned from lost civilizations from B.D. Ravenwood Picks up an obsession with Japanese culture and anime completely on my own. Suffers horribly (not really) with Trevor McGowan and Pomegranate as oft-times babysitters.
  • 2008 - Attends Tokyo Tech High School of Science and Technology in Tokyo, Japan.
  • 2010 - Awakened at the age of 16 while in Tokyo, Japan. Generally doesn't talk about his Awakening experiences. Becomes friends with Caprice through similar online fandom websites.
  • 2011 - Joins the Free Council under the guidance of Magnum. Starts experimenting with Alchemy.
  • 2012 - Joins the Celestial Masters Legacy. Continues his studies, testing incredibly well on various science and math related placement tests. Accepted to George Washington University.
  • 2013 - Returns to DC to attend classes. Meets Tevye, Doktor Enigma, and (John F's PCs.) We form the Sons of Tesla cabal to explore magic and science and the magic of humanity. Busy with school so unable to get involved with the local concilium for the time, preferring to deal mostly with the cabal or his family. Once finals are over in May from his first Semester, is better able to get back active.
  • 2014 - Survives a massive battle with Tremere Liches at Little Tupelo, KS. Takes a life of an enemy combatant for the first time, and Squelch sacrifices himself to save Lucas.


  • Edward, Full Metal Alchemist
  • Dave, The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Character Description

  • Lucas is a 20 year old young man at the edge of adulthood, at least in US standards. He always has a bag with him with his latest experiments. He more often than not is messing around either on his tablet (custom built) or with some other manner of toy.


  • The world loses focus and becomes highly pixelated, like looking at a 2-bit video game. But, if you focus just for a moment, you can see that just beyond the pixel lies a deeper layer of energy... Supernal energy. It's everywhere, in everything and everyone.

Looking For

  • Former romantic interest
  • Friends who like online games or Anime
  • Fellow awakened scientists


  • His tablet was designed by the devil, and is powered by the dead.
  • Although he's the older brother, he gets beat up on by his younger brother, David, all the time.
  • Lucas created a robot that is capable of experiencing true human emotion!
    • Yes, and there are a lot of people who want him dead because of it.
  • Is actually the nephew of Trevor McGowan.
    • Is actually the illegitimate son of a night between Trevor and Tamarind and a bottle of sake.
      • This explains Lucas' fascination with the Japanese culture.
  • Lucas' techne is based off of several manga:
    • Fist of the North Star
    • BLEACH
    • Naruto
    • Yu Yu Hakusho
    • Too many to name.
  • He's actually a Silver Ladder who got brainwashed by a Japanese superhero show.


"You chose an Order different from your parent's? I like you already." - Tevye

"Yeah. And the important thing was the collective finger that the Nameless cabals gave to the Seers before they joined the Diamond and became the Pentacle. Seems like a lot of people, both inside and outside the Order, forget that." - Lucas discussing the origins of the Free Council with March Hare

We are here to stay speech - Lucas responding to Trevor McGowan at the Lesser Convocation

"So... Let's say that... I want to have a duel arcane with a jackass...Why?...Because... He said that I was sucking you off at the convocation." Lucas to Trevor

"He makes for a damn fine Harlequin, just wish I hadn't been on the receiving end on the very first day." - Doc at the Great Convocation with a wry grin.

"Wait...Lucas be reading my novels n'comics? Wow...wider audience den I coggin' eh?" How he get collectible figures o'de characters? - Bodhi Vajra-Kai

"Never. Study. Time." - Apsinthion, after Lucas suggested that Time could be used to rewrite a Mage's Awakening.

"This is fucking sweet, by the way. It's like Minority Report or something." - Zou appreciates Lucas's holo-map of Charleston during Operation Bloodhound

"Someone who has organization skills, and that little map trick of his is fantastic." - Shofar

Lucas Draft Speeches