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Awakening PC

Player: Emily Tipton
Path: Thyrsus
Order: Apostate
Legacy: None
Consilium: Unbroken Will
City: Fort Worth, TX
Cabal: None
VST: Matthew Maddoux

Birth Name: Not Public Knowledge

Shadow Name: Lucette



Quote: I'm a nurse. Not a fighter. I'll be right up there in the middle of a fight to help someone if they need it, but I'm not going to lift a hand against anyone else. I'm a freaking unicorn. No, really. I can be a unicorn.


  • Born in Helena-West Helena, AR
  • Nurse's Aid right out of high school
  • Married, 23
  • Nurse, 25
  • Daughter born, 26
  • Awakened, 27
  • Daughter and husband killed in plane crash, 35
  • Moved to Fort Worth, TX, 1 month after husband and daughter's funeral


Character Description

Lucette is overweight, tall, and looks like she might have some Hispanic ancestry. She usually looks like she's out of her depth and is normally in scrubs with her hair pulled back out of the way. She's never seen without a silver locket that she can't seem to stop fiddling with, has a gold ring on the necklace with the locket and wears a simple wedding band on the ring finger of her left hand. She usually looks sad.


The world around her becomes a little "greener", a little more alive. The air smells clean and has a hint of roses. Birds can be heard chirping.

Looking For

  • Friends
  • Information on the different Orders


  • She's from a place where there were no other mages.
  • She's in Fort Worth because a Fate Master decided that the city needed another Thyrsus.