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Clan: Lasombra

Status: Initiated, Anointed, Devout, Loyal, Ordained, Blessed

Notable Traits: Tall and gaunt, with fingers that are just too long and eyes that are black as the abyss, sclera included. The faint scent of medicinal herbs drifts in her wake like the plague doctors of old.

Pack: Famiglia di Donati


  • Is the childe of the local Archbishop, Cassiel
  • Embraces constantly, and has over a dozen children
  • Speaking of, what is it with her and her kids? They all call her mother, and at least half are still packed with her
  • She keeps a haven separate from the rest of the Sabbat
  • her haven, which she refers to as her "guests"

Known History

Luciana has been around in Sabbat society for many long years. Undeniably old and of potent blood, the Lasombra necromancer has seen the rise and fall of the Sabbat - or so she claims. What can be truly told is that she certainly knows much of the plagues, the wars, and the deaths of the mortal populace.

Known Family

Sire: Cassiel, Archbishop of the San Francisco Bay Area

Childer: Santiago di Medici, Arias de Avila-Donati, Pasquale Donati, Anacleto Pino Accardi-Donati, Mason Donati-Lafee, Jordan Kincaid-Donati

Grandchilder: Vincenza Kincaid-Donati, Katya Kazakevich-Donati, Lorenzo Abano-Donati


  • "She is under the false belief that just because you are old you are deserving of respect. In the Sword of Caine I don't care what you have done, I care about what you are doing." - Tyrone
  • "Mother is unsettling, aloof, and Lasombra to the core. However, she is not without compassion... you just have to know how to look for it." - Kincaid

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OOC Information

Sabbat PC

Player: Randi H.
Character: Luciana Donati
Clan: Lasombra
Position: None
Status: Initiated, Anointed, Devout, Loyal, Ordained, Blessed
Domain: Myst
VST: Matt H.

Player: Randi H.

MES Number: US2013030023

Location: Sonoma County, CA

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