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Awakening PC

Player: Leah H
Path: Obrimos
Order: Adamantine Arrow •••
Legacy: Tamers of Fire
Consilium: Columbus, OH
City: Columbus, OH
Cabal: The Accord of Seasons
VST: Joe Auerbach

Adamantine Arrow
Luci on a typical day.
Luci dressed for a night on the town.

Birth Name: Margaret Abigail Catherine MacNamara

Shadow Name: Lucifera, or Luci

Sleeper Alias: Maggie MacNamara

Offices: Thunderbolt Guardian of Columbus, Ohio

Cabal: The Accord of Seasons

Quote: "The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled." ~ Plutarch


  • Born July 4th, 1987 in a military hospital in Germany. Mother died, raised by Father and Aunt.
  • Luci travels a good bit of the world with her father, who is still active duty Army, and her aunt who lives with them. Luci learns to speak several languages.
  • Joins US Army in 2005 at the age of 17 after early graduation from high school.
  • Originally slated for Psy-Ops, but 'stuff' caused her to be moved to broadcasting instead
  • Awakens in 2008, the result of a lightning strike during a desert thunderstorm in Qatar
  • Kept volunteering for tours in the Middle East, staying there until 2011 when she returned stateside.
  • Joined Alexandria Consilium permanently in 2011.
  • Honorably discharged from US Army in 2013.
  • Made Sentinel of Alexandria Consilium.
  • Formed Cabal - Aegis in 2012.
  • Resigned as Sentinel in late 2013.
  • Paternal grandmother passes in 2013, leaves Luci giant house in Alexandria. Luci begins turning it into an Arrow safehouse/training facility. She and Ursula (and Ursula's kids) maintain permanent residence in the house as well.
  • After months of difficulties in DC, and a change in leadership that she did not agree with, Luci decides in the middle of 2014 to go to Charlotte for some R&R. While there, she catches up with Garion and Phantom, and decides to move to Columbus, OH and join their cabal.
  • In a relationship with and cohabiting with another mage of Columbus, OH - Joseph, a Thyrsus of the Silver Ladder.


  • Boondock Saints
  • Zoe from Firefly & Serenity
  • Jules from Pulp Fiction

Character Description

Luci is 5'8", slender but muscled, with long red hair and blue eyes. She has a thick South Boston accent. She is quite attractive, even without magic.
(Pres4, SL2, usually magically boosted to Pre8)

She has two fractal pattern scars on both sides of her upper body, running down both arms, up both cheeks and across her collar bone where the two meet in an entwined arch above her heart. The one on her right side is much older than the one on the left. She also has a St Michael tattoo on her left inner forearm.

Fractal scars.jpg

She prefers to keep things simple, wearing mostly tanktops with BDUs or cargo pants and combat boots, or more recently track or yoga pants. Her long red hair is usually back in a tight braid.

She is always carrying at least one rosary on her person, and several lighters.


Luci (as she goes by to most of Awakened society) is an interesting mix of the profound and the profane. As former military, she has a mouth like a drunken sailor, and yet, is also deeply religious. She attends Mass daily, and is just as likely to be found in a church on her knees praying as she is in the bar carousing with the guys.

She has always been the leader among her group of friends, wherever she has gone. It is a role that has always come naturally to her. But, she has also always been careful to do her best to bring up those around her, never subjugate them to make herself look better. She believes that she succeeds when she inspires others to be greater than they thought they could be.

She takes her role as an Arrow very seriously. She recently purchased a facility in Columbus called Greenfield, and is in the process of transforming it into a secure facility for prisoners, as well as a training academy and safe-house, open to all Arrow.

She is not always a stoic, serious soldier, as some may think from first impressions. She enjoys a good time as much as anyone, as she knows any day could be her last, and she lives her life to the fullest. She has a wicked sense of humor, and, for those fortunate enough to call her friend, she is unfailing loyal, and has a very compassionate heart.


A halo of light, as bright as the sun, appears behind her head.
A pair of black angel wings unfurl from her back before burning to ash.
All while a choir can be heard singing "O Fortuna"


None Awakened. Sleeper Father and Aunt still living in France.

Looking For

  • Former military comrades
  • Mentors
  • Students


  • She once scared an Acamoth so badly, it retreated to the abyss willingly.
  • The reason Luci hates blasphemous profanity is that she knows the words "G*dd***it" will be her doom.
  • She had a romance go bad several years ago and has never recovered from the broken heart.


About Lucifera

  • "She is headstrong and capable. She has her mind on one thing and that is to be the best Obrimos. Little does she know, I respect that of her and hope she grows from me being hard on her." - Trevor McGowan
  • "Meeting her... however briefly.... I think she needs to remove the stick that's shoved up her ass. But I will give her that she takes her job seriously. Though she should remember not to let the job consume her." - Ink
    • "Agreed brudder, not smile even at home. Arrow work hard n'train hard...'spose to have hard core R&R. Doubt 'er body remember what a smile is. If I get into a fight...I'd want her though." - Bodhi Vajra-Kai
  • "I watched her keep a lecture hall full of murder suspects from leaving for several hours using harsh language. It was... impressive." - Roark
  • "She's on my A-list for people to assist when I need an extra hand, now to see if I can't get her started on some meditation practices." -Doc





My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light Em' Up) by Fall Out Boy
The Phoenix by Fall Out Boy
Arms Race by Fall Out Boy
You Call me a Bitch (like it's a bad thing) by Halestorm
Rockshow by Halestorm