Lucius Delacourte

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Sabbat Ankh

"Look into the Abyss and it looks back, you say? How quaint..."


as a True Sabbat
as a Keeper of a Sacred Text
appointed Bishop of Information by Archbishop Rosaline Sandoza
appointed Bishop of Information by Archbishop Rosaline Sandoza
as Priest of The Forsaken

Lasombra Crown


Origin Placeholder
Lucius Picture


♔ Unknown Year- Born in Eastern Tyrol Region, Austria
♔ Unknown Year- Embraced
♔ Unknown YearSired Jeanelle Alvarado
♔ 1860Relocated to the New World
♔ 1863Second Sabbat Civil War
♔ 1933End of the War
♔ 1933 OnwardNomadic wanderings
♔ 2014Relocated to Kern County, CA
♔ 2014Appointed Bishop of Information


Lucius Delacourte is extremely guarded about specifics regarding his history, but some facts are known. He was born as the third son of a noble branch family of the Austrian House of Manndorff (though he has since changed his name several times), he was a member of the clergy in life, and his fervent belief in the Dark Church has been a driving force throughout his life. He has served the Sabbat throughout his existence as a Cainite, never wavering in his faith or his dedication, and never shirks from battle. Lucius is a weapon forged of faith, fire, and shadow, and always seeks to further the reach of the Sword of Caine.

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Titles Held:
Bishop of Information - of Kern County, California
Priest - of The Forsaken


♔ Lucius has Permanent Fangs
♔ Lucius has White Eyes
♔ There are constant dark circles under Lucius' eyes
♔ Lucius' hands are always wrapped in bandages, and he constantly has the faint scent of vitae around him

Known Associates

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♔ Lucius is extremely guarded and cagey about his age, and refuses to answer questions about it.
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Lucius Picture 2"Lucius is mai boi. He b knowin lots of shit, yo. And b teaching me so much. He ppreciate what I bring 2 da Sword and I respect him for dat. Praise Caine, yo."Jackie FUCKIN' Sharp
"I can appreciate one that dances with the shadows as I do.. If only the rest of the Sword of Caine understood the truth behind it..."Catherine
"Your Quote goes here."Your Name

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Lucius Delacourte

Player: Johnathan Fii
Character: Lucius Delacourte
Clan: Lasombra
Position: Bishop of Information
Status: 3
Domain: Bakersfield
VST: Christopher Smith

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