Lucius Quinntus Lamar

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Dead This character is dead. Any further communication should be with the VST.

Wiki Page for the Deceased MES Requiem PC, "Cardinal Lucius Quinntus Lamar"

Lucius Q. Lamar
Clan: Mekhet Clan mekhet.png
Bloodline: Osite Bloodline mekhet osites.png
Covenant: Lancea Sanctum Lancea Sanctum.png
Player: User:Jim Y. US2012080087
VSS: Columbus GA Requiem Columbus, GA
ST: User:Joseph D. US2010117006

OOC Character outline
Lucius works well with others, across all covenant and clan lines. He genuinely wants to help everyone, despite being a low humanity monster.
Lucius is stringent in his Monachal/Hardliner beliefs, but does not pressure them onto others very heavily at all as he sees that as counterproductive (creates too much strife in the vampire community in these times where there are more important things to be accomplished, like survival).
Overly loquacious, but never really says anything important when rambling, gestures a lot when doing so.

Status (Attainable through politics rolls)
Mekhet ****
Lancea Sanctum *****
City (Columbus, GA) ***

Notable Traits
Relatively tall, standing at 6'2”, nearly a giant for his clan, yet he is somehow unobtrusive most of the time.
Speaks with an obviously British accent, but changes dialects regularly.
Often wears a suit and is very formal at gatherings.
Smarter than you and unafraid to show it.

Bloodline: Unknown Posthumously Identified as Osite
Sire: Professor Edmund Riley (NPC), not that anyone would know this...
Childer: Victor Sage

Formal: Cardinal Lamar

Cardinal Lamar helped topple the previous failure of an administration of Columbus, GA by siding with the hardline Invictus of House Benedictus.
Lamar is less than 100 years old.
People say he's a great fighter, they're full of shit. Did you see how he flailed in the wrestling festivities? He's probably never been in a fight before that!
"I think he's actually a SanGiovanni, notice how fake his accent sounds!"

"Those guys from Columbus look like they're in the mafia... you go talk to them" - Court member in Chattanooga, TN referring to an envoy containing Lucius and some other kindred from Columbus after being encouraged to approach.
"He is the strongest fighter I know" - Earl Koslov
Feel free to add more.

The Honorable Lord Boris Koslov, Earl of Hamilton, Archon of the Southeast– long time parishioner
Paolo Sangiovanni, Deacon of Chattanooga- Ally
Marcus Covey, Bishop of Columbus- Ally
Duke Asher Al-Khalid Prince of Columbus, Regent of the Southeast- old friend