Ludmila Yaroslav

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Ludmila Yaroslav

Sabbat PC

Player: Corinne Reif
Character: Ludmila Yaroslav
Clan: Nosferatu Antitribu
Pack: Furious Ascension
Fraction: Loyalist
Status: Initiated, Loyal
VST: Vern Dorethy



As a mortal, she was the head of security for Svyazinvejsti Inc. (Связьинвест), a scientific company that was run by Tzimisce back in Russia in the 1980's. They were experimenting with vicissitude and the effects of radiation of various flesh samples. The plant exploded and she was taken into the sewers, barely alive, by a local Nosferatu Antitribu who had also been working with the Tzimisce, and embraced. She has one mortal brother, her twin Vasily Yaroslav,who was was later embraced by her sire as well. The Yaroslav Siblings both have extensive military and security backgrounds and have worked as mercenaries ever since their embrace, taking contracts with other Cainites - protection in exchange for money or disciplines. Being Loyalists, they do not care for politics or religion, however their word is their bond. If they take a contract, they fulfil it. They are generally calm and jovial until it's time to get down to business then the real monsters comes out, quite literally. Their unusual adaptations have earned Yaroslav's the affectionate nicknames of "The Grinder" and "The Dragon".


  • She has a twin brother, they have different mothers.
  • She can distend her jaw to swallow massive objects....including people.
  • She has circular rows of teeth lining her entire digestive tract earning her the nickname of "The Grinder"
  • She once ate 3 "Cam-pires", whole, during an assault on a camarilla facility.
  • She was a test tube baby made with the DNA of a lamprey.
  • She has been known to break through walls like the Kool-Aid Man..."Oh Yeah!"
  • Her eating record is five whole vampires in one evening. She is constantly seeking to break her own record.
  • Her massive jaws served the final blow to the Eater of Names in Brazil.


"Ludmila Likes!!" - Ludmila Yaroslav

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OOC Information

Player: Corinne Reif

MES# US2002055957

City: San Francisco, CA
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