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Changeling PC

Player: Erik S.
Character: Lugh
Freehold: Lexington, KY
DST: Elmer G.

A picture of Lugh

Character Information

Name: Lugh

Seeming:  ?

Kith:  ?

Court: Courtless

Notable Traits:

Title or Position:

Archetype Achievements: Academic, Athlete, Investigator, Linguist, Martial Artist, Occultist, Outdoorsman, Scout, Soldier, Tradesman

Physical Description

Mask: Lugh looks likes a normal guy with an athletic but not super muscular build.

Mien: Lugh looks like a normal guy, with an athletic but not super muscular build.

Clothing: He wears slacks, a button shirt, and a suit jacket.


  • He lives on the streets, and is fiercely protective of the homeless in Lexington.
  • Those scratches on his face are all self-inflicted.
  • His Keeper used to send him to the market for "treats."
  • He is rather skittish until he gets to know you.
  • He is just not the same since he came back from the west coast.
  • He has a webcomic called "The Adventures of Normal Dude and Average Guy."


  • "I never seem to run into this guy in Lexington! But when we do hang out, he's refreshing to talk to. He's new, but he seems to have a decent-enough idea about some of what's going on. Taking it better than most!" ~ DJ Radix
  • "Not as seemingly strange as the other Changelings i've met in Lexington, but that makes him even more so in my book." - Frank Doyle Jr.

OOC Information

Player: Erik S.

MES Number: US2008011673

Location: Lexington, KY [ky-006-d]