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The Ring Master



Night Watchmen


Moon Courtiers harvest disgust, and nowhere is this more apparent, than in the Lunar Carnival. Monsters are drawn together, and this carnival of nightmares is exactly where they gather. Not a carnival in the traditional sense, the Lunar Carnival focuses on entertainment, at all costs. The amusement of its own members is its highest priority, and it is willing to go to extreme lengths to guarantee that entertainment.

The Lunar Carnival is a very new organization. It has yet to make its mark on history, but if given the chance it will make quite a stir.

There is no one uniform for members of the Lunar Carnival, the only distinguishing mark that a Carnie, as they sometimes refer to themselves as, is a tattoo all members bare somewhere on their bodies. An elaborate design that incorporates the design of a ringleader’s top hat within a crescent moon.

Special Events
Korochun/Grand Carnival
The longest night of the year and traditionally the night of the Grand Revel. Moon Courtiers dance in the light of the moon, and the lunar carnival opens its doors and invites everyone to join in the dance. Korochun is a night of debauchery in the finest of senses. And there is usually only one rule that is enforced, “On the night of the Grand Revel, until the sun rises, no one may judge any for what they may do. For this one night, they are protected, but not from the consequences.”

Kupala Night
Kupala Day is a traditional Sun Courtier holiday. As such many are surprised that the Lunar Carnival would touch its night. It is exactly for that reason that they do so. Kupala night is a night of mockery. For the traditional Moon Courtiers it is a night of mocking the Sun Court and their misguided attempts to control and restrain themselves. For the Lunar Carnival, members are encouraged to mock their enemies and to spend this day ridding themselves of any grudges they might have. It’s healthy to get it out in the open.

The Ring Master
The Ring Master is the sole leader of the Carnival. He or she makes sure that this organization of monsters has some direction. Some new entertainment to pursue, to make sure the Carnival does not turn in on itself. The Ring Master is expected to hold a Grand Carnival at least once a year on the night of Korochun. This position is voted upon by all in the Carnival.

The ambassadors of the Carnival to the other institutions. They are expected to behave themselves at least a bit while in the other institution’s land. Donning a new face, as though at a masquerade.

Some might be afraid of their own pleasure. Some might be afraid to exploit others to reach their own ends. A Reveler has no such boundaries and helps others overcome those fears of disgust. They make sure that people pursue those pleasures and they don’t let anything hold them back. Any member may be a Reveler.

Night Watchman
A carnival needs guards, and the Night Watchmen stand guard to make sure that no “disruptive” chaos shows up. This title is self-claimed, and any member of the Carnival that takes up this title is expected to protect others in their pursuits of whatever that they find pleasure in. Especially if that pleasure causes others to wish to harm the seeker.


  • Any who espouse the beliefs of the Lunar Carnival are welcome to join.
  • Pleasure above all things
  • Acceptance of others' pleasure
  • Disinterest in violence at the Carnival
  • Love for new experiences
  • Desire to share new pleasures
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For further details on the Academy of Ashes and its positions, please see the Lost Chronicle Player's Guide.

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