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"Everyone must ride with Charon, by and by. We merely wish to know what to ask him before we step on his boat."
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"It's amazing what the dead can teach you about revenge. We have been listening to them for centuries"

Character Information

Name: Luther Gotschlag

Clan: Harbinger of Skulls

Status: Initiated, Ordained, Loyal x2, Battle-scarred

Notable Traits: On a Path, always wears a mask, speaks in a Germanic dialect, never displays emotion.

Title or Positon: Priest of the Knights of Oblivion


- He doesn't speak much, and when he does it is usually in an old German dialect.

- It is unknown if he is able to feel emotions.

- If you listen carefully, you can sometimes hear his victims voices coming from his robes.

- It is said that he is able to forge weapons and armor of high quality.

Rumored History

A being called Luther was active in the darkages, traveling across Europe for a time. The truth to those rumors is unclear, but if they have any truth to them he is very old. If asked tonight he simply says he is "old enough."

It is said that he knows most of the olde world folk tales, and on occasion will tell said tales.


  • "I am unsure if he even speaks English. A bit of a throwback; if you come to conquer a region, it is only polite to speak the local language. It is strange to see a packs priest who is not a Noddist. If they stay true to The Sword, then we can except this variation I suppose. Otherwise, he is a fine Cainite." - Sebastion Delacroix
  • "I am passing familiar enough with the legends of our race to know that this Luther and his packmates are members of the true Clan of Death, as mentioned in the Book of Nod. This is more than enough to give me both pause and concern, for who knows the truth of their hearts in regard to their faith in the Dark Father and in His Church? Only time may tell." - Obedience
  • "die allgegenwärtige Priester der Vorboten , wird er immer Hobeln obwohl scheinbar in den Hintergrund treten , bin ich intrested in das, was er als nächstes tut . It is good to speak the older languages with you my brother." Gregory Solomon
  • "Luther is a scholar at heart, and his devotion to this is admirable. That said, one should never underestimate the strength that one can acquire with knowledge, this knowledge, honed like a blade make Luther a soldier in Caine's army who should not be trifled with lightly." Logan Kasamir Jones
  • "I don't often cross swords with my fellow Priests. When I do, the proverbial blood that is spilled is a lesson to both. Luther is one who has exchanged this type of knowledge with me, and I feel we are both stronger for it." The Serpent

OOC Information

Sabbat PC

Player: Dan Stiverson
Character: Luther
Clan: Harbinger of Skulls
Position: Priest
Status: 3
Domain: Colorado Springs, CO
VST: Michael Tann

Player: Dan Stiverson

MES Number: US2013080067

Location: Colorado Springs, CO

Character Ties: Luther has been around a long time. He was known to travel about in the darkages and advise prices for a price. I am open to ties for students, traveling companions, those around long enough ago to have been advised!