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Information of Note


Name: Lydia Brooks

Clan: Caitiff

Sect: Camarilla

Embraced: 2007

Generation: Fourteenth


  • The happy goth


  • Greater Status Ban
  • Acknowledged
  • Loyal


  • None

Current Location: San Francisco, CA


  • None

Concept/Background: Lydia was born and raised in San Juan. She was raised in a wealthy family when she started to rebel, wearing black, piercing her face etc. She was eventually "kicked out" of the house (with a trust fund). She started to attend events in the local goth scene more and more. Eventually something started to change, she started to make music, and some of it was very very dark. There is a haunting, but enchanting quality to her voice, especially when she is singing. She left on a tour of Europe to perform her music and came back in this new state. Her trust fund money ran out and she rented an apartment in La Perla. She met a Brujah that bought her a home in a nicer part of San Juan but has since changed her residency to San Francisco.

Notable Traits:

  • Has an infectious smile
  • Surprisingly upbeat and positive, especially given her appearance
  • Is noticeably shy around higher status Kindred

Lydia is mixed latin and caucasian, but is extremely pale. She has shiny black hair cut in an a-line that frames her face well. She wears pale make up which highlights her appearance, and bright red lip stick. She wears a silver ankh around her neck which hangs from a black cord. She often changes her clothes, but she can normally be found in a black low cut dress, fishnets and combat boots. She often wears a black and silver LV bag, that sometimes has cords for headphones coming out that hang around her neck.



Not known


  • "This young thing fancies herself just like a Toreador, only it is not. It is full of hubris and stupidity and should know better than to poke its elders and its betters." -Veronica Devries
  • "As an Unfortunate, Mademoiselle Brooks 'as it more difficult than many. My 'eart always goes out to kindred outside the ideal circumstance. I think there is some... uhh... potential in 'er for powerful creations, but I found one piece particularly disturbing. Per'aps my uncomfortableness was part of the emotion she wanted to inspire?" - Clé deMontes
  • "She's young yet. She's going to learn, real hard, real fast, you don't survive in this world without support. Also, my sneakers are perfectly acceptable." - Lionel Cross
  • "She has talent that will take her many places...that is, if she has the wisdom to open the right doors." - Orenna
  • "I think Lydia could be my twin if not at least my best friend." - Zoe De Medici
  • "In her ramblings, one cannot help but hear the clarion cry of all of Debased blood. She strives mightily to rise above the circumstances of her death, yet is impaired by base nature, to her eternal sorrow. If ever they rise against their betters, their battle cry will be not 'Justice and Freedom', but instead the modernist complaint--'We tried!'" - William Blake
  • "She thinks herself important enough to become harpy. What has the Ivory Tower come to?" - Brenna Dunsirn
  • "She needs to face reality. Caitiff are not trusted. Fair, unfair, that does not figure into the equation. Reality is what it is and it may take an act of the Gods to change it." - Amber Tsigane
  • "Lovely and civil, someone pleasant to spend time with. I just MUST hear her sing." - Giuseppe Giovanni
  • ""As fair as it may or might not be... one is judged by the company they keep."" - Ewan Dunsirn
  • "That I do not doubt. The reason I say this is less because you are easy, and more because you are interested in me, either for myself, or for my position." - Cadance
  • "She has a temper this one, she should learn to get a grip on it, especially for someone of her... shall we say place in society?" - Spencer
  • "Sì, Zio, it is indeed delightfully ironic that the one member of the Tower here with manners is the one that the rest of the Tower shuns." - Vittoria Giovanni
  • "The young lady provided me an excellent opportunity to test my social acumen, and for that I am grateful." - Matteo Giovanni
  • "It is not entirely clear who's reputation was more sullied by our interaction, mine for her being Caitiff, or her's for me being who I am. Some reputation derives from blood lineage - and another from dark deeds. If our paths cross more often the Harpies shall go hoarse telling of the scandals." - Goodman Goring
  • "She is reviled by some, but most view her as harmless. That might be a mistake." - August Kohanek
  • "This one plays to her strengths and weaknesses very well. So well she manages to perpetrate the illusion of helplessness and innocence both to most she encounters. I as of yet have not determined if this is a function of her brilliance or others stupidity, and if such a distinction really matters." - Arden
  • ""When we ignore competence in favor of style, talent in favor of social class, and wisdom in favor of demeanor, we lose out. Don't even pretend like I'm wasting my time." - Max Usher
  • "I really don't get why people are such assholes over the fact that Lydia is of the clanless. As long as she proves herself to be useful, I don't see what the big deal is." - Valerie
  • "Do you know that feeling, when you see a perfectly ripe fruit, and you imagine it bursting in your mouth with all the sweetness of late summer... but when you bite into it, you find a great and unforgiving rotten patch? Meeting Lydia was like that." - Benedict Verren
  • " I mean..she's cute..if you like that overly flirtacious trampy sort of kindred. Some may say she is quite like me. I say I do it better." - Angelique Dumont
  • "She seems like a mean girl. She was nice to me and then when the more popular people came along, she was gone like a shot." - Tia Matthews
  • "She seems eager and impatient. I'm certain that she has more intelligence than she presents, and I intend to teach her patience, and caution." - Lex Reyes
  • "Interesting, in more ways than one. I do wish she'd stayed, though, even if we parted on less than friendly terms." - Anjali Mehra
  • "Insert quotes here please!" - Your Name Here



  • Lydia carries a doll in her purse that she has been seen talking to
  • Lydia is all sweet until she thinks someone is hittting on her current love interest then the claws come out
  • Lydia is actually a Toreador
  • Lydia is actually Malkavian
  • HATES the color yellow
  • She set up Mary Margaret because she was turned down
  • Lydia got to know someone intimately at elysium
  • Lydia killed Rinadlo De Medici so that she could spend more time with Zoe De Medici
  • Is a member of the nefarious organization known as |The True Dusk
  • Lydia is Really Jem hiding under the illusion of being a Caitiff. I mean look at the devotion to her music! Add in she's got a thing for Zoe it just screams 80's conspiracy.
  • Lydia has gotten a lot of death threats lately. More than the normal catiff.
  • Lydia is being courted by seven Kindred. Only one has refused to bed her, but they have started buying property for her. What is she up to?
  • Lydia is into S&M but saves the S for men and the M for women
  • Lydia is an infernalist.
  • Lydia believes that if she can diablerize enough thin bloods she will achieve Galconda. She is half way there.



OOC Information

Character Information
Clan: Caitiff
Sect: Camarilla
City: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Player: Me
Storyteller: Online VST

Character Inspirations:

  • Death from the Sandman comics
  • Lydia from Beetlejuice
  • Lindsey Stirling

Inspiring Quotes:

  • "Peachy Keen!" -Death

Character Soundtrack:

Player Information


Cam Number: US2010045715
Home Domain: San Francisco
Email: me

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