Lydia Sterling

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Camarilla/Anarch PC

Character Information

Name: Lydia Sterling

Clan: Tremere

Status: *Acknowledged* as a member of the Camarilla, *Loyal* by Elder Dion Mondragon, *Talented* by Elder Zedrick Jones, *Revered* as Primogen

Notable Traits: Wears glasses, often using her cell phone, goes by "Sterling", does not seem to ever use her first name.

Personality: Polite, level-headed, and attentive, she frequently takes on the listener or mediator role in conversations. She has a knack for teaching and explaining complicated theories in layman's terms, and is often helping to ensure there are as few misunderstandings as possible amongst fellow kindred.

Title or Position:

Tremere-Only Information

Rank: Apprentice of the 4th

House: House Avakian


  • She's almost always a step behind that Senechal Solomon Meir -- is she his personal attaché, or some kind of servant?
  • Seems to be a little too close to that Karl Richter guy, if ya know what I mean. She's either watchin' him, or he's watchin' her, or somethin' weird like that. Bet she's keepin' him outta trouble, I do.
  • I heard she has a real obsessive interest in the supernatural. Academic or personal, I wonder?


  • "She is the epitome of a model Tremere. Well-spoken, level-headed, studious, with a mastery of the occult. If only more Tremere were like her, myself included." -- Karl Richter
  • "Miss Sterling reminds me of the stark difference between modern nights and a more civilized age. I don't mean to say that she herself is at fault, but taking notes without quill and ink is just so rushed and impersonal. Still, such is the way of our society that the youngest of Kindred should be the most adept in blending in with the kine and preserving the Masquerade." -- Edward James Crowe, MD
  • "She seems capable enough, but I can't quite get over her pecking away at that little glowing box she always carries around." -- Walter Rook
  • "In my experience, it is the quiet ones that you should be careful of. Especially the quiet ones who are very good at what they do." -- Einhardt Wagner
  • "I enjoy Miss Sterling so very much! I can tell her about the remarkable things I have learned on my telephone and she's always very interested. If I ever want to learn more about modern technology, she is the woman I would go to first." -- Lazuli
  • "She's even minded and pleasant enough, and she doesn't read as a total bitch like most Tremere women. That's probably why they picked her to speak with the other clans, being about the only one you don't want to choke on sight for arrogance." -- Alexis Levasseur

OOC Information

Player: Jennifer D.

MES Number: US2013040182